Woman died after being hit by a vehicle in Campoalegre • La Nación

Woman died after being hit by a vehicle in Campoalegre • La Nación
Woman died after being hit by a vehicle in Campoalegre • La Nación

Natalia Andrea Martínez Castañeda was unable to recover from the injuries she suffered last Friday after being hit by a car while driving her motorcycle on Route 45 in front of the San Isidro Mill in the rice-growing capital of Huila. Authorities are investigating the circumstances that led to the fatal event.

There is commotion in Campoalegre, due to the early departure of Natalia Andrea Martínez Castañeda, who was the victim of a fatal collision on the national highway through the southern exit that connects the rice capital of Huila with Hobo.

The mishap

The tragic accident occurred last Friday, when the woman was driving a motorcycle to the stop of the San Isidro Mill, where due to circumstances that remain to be clarified, she was hit by a Chevrolet Spark GT brand car, causing her to suffer serious injuries.

Apparently, the accident occurred due to invasion of the oncoming lane. The mobility authorities are carrying out investigations to determine the responsibility of each of those involved in the accident.

After what happened, the Campoalegruna was helped and taken to the local ESE Hospital El Rosario, where the doctors decided to refer her to a higher level care center in Neiva.

did not resist

After being hospitalized for three days in the Intensive Care Unit of the Uros clinic, her body could not resist the consequences of the blow, leading to her death. The woman days before had started her own business by opening a fast food restaurant on the La Vega de Oriente sidewalk in the rural area of ​​Campoalegre.

His friends were moved on social networks by his early departure. “Many words are left unsaid, but I know that wherever God has you you will be fine, thank you for the affection and love you showed my daughter crespos as you called her, she also loves you very much, we feel very sad for your early departure, but it is the will of God, we will miss you and we will always remember you,” wrote Carito López.

Her funeral will take place starting today at her husband’s house in the village of La Vega de Oriente.

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