Environmental crime: there were frailejones on the roof of the car on the Manizales road

The Regional Autonomous Corporation of Tolima (Cortolima); the Prosecutor’s Office and the National Police They surprised and captured a man transporting several frailejones on the grill of his car on the Murillo – Manizales road. He must answer for this environmental crime.

The director of Cortolima, Olga Lucía Alfonso Iannini, rejected the illegal extraction of this species, since represents an impact on the strategic ecosystems of the paramo and sub-paramo, which are home to a great diversity of fauna and are vital for water supply.

“From Cortolima we categorically reject any type of action that affects our ecosystems. The capture of this man occurred thanks to the rapid response and coordination of State entities, which we will continue to carry out control, surveillance and environmental education actions. We call on all residents and visitors to the park to avoid this type of behavior that modifies the landscape of the moor.its beauty and the value it has in providing an ecosystem service,” said the official.

Taking into account the technical analysis and the review of the scientific literature, these frailejones have an annual growth that can be between one and two centimeters per year, so it is estimated that The age of the extracted specimens can be between 10 and 15 yearsconsidering them juvenile individuals.

Despite the continuous control operations, during the tours carried out through Cortolima, it is evident that Tourists who travel through this road corridor do not respect the limits between the road and the natural areas of the ecosystem.which represents a negative impact, above all, in the process of fragmentation and erosion in the area, due to trampling and the opening of roads.

Furthermore, it has been recorded inadequate disposal of waste such as food packaging, plastic bottles, tubes, lids, food waste, among others, which alter the landscapemodify the physicochemical characteristics of water and soil, and deteriorate air quality.

Cortolima, as an environmental authority, will continue to deploy actions for the protection, recovery and conservation of the Los Nevados National Natural Park (PNN).

* With information from Cortolima.

Environmental toll

Last Thursday the Minister of the Environment, Susana Muhamadon his visit to Manizales for the commemoration of the 50 years of the PNN Los Nevados, raised the possibility of installing a toll on the Manizales-Murillo road. “We have spoken with the governor of Tolima and we will be calling on the governors, the ministry of transportation to put a toll and look for the opportunity for this road to have greater restrictions and a management control plan and environmental education, because it what we have seen is disorderly tourism without any control.

The Governor of Tolima, Adriana Magali Martizexpressed that the idea is that the resources collected in the environmental toll “are dedicated exclusively to the conservation of the Los Nevados National Natural Park“.

The Cambao – Murillo – Manizales road concession takes a toll on the sector known as the ‘Armero’s Crossing’.

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