Ombudsman verifies situation of displaced families in Barbacoas, Nariño

Ombudsman verifies situation of displaced families in Barbacoas, Nariño
Ombudsman verifies situation of displaced families in Barbacoas, Nariño

The Ombudsman’s Office received statements from the leaders of the communities victims of forced displacement who are in Barbacoas (Nariño), who expressed fear of returning to their territories due to the presence of illegal armed groups and the installation of antipersonnel mines.

Since February 22, a total of 53 families, made up of 129 individuals, found refuge in the municipal seat. Most of them belong to the Awá Guelmambi El Bombo indigenous reservation and are displaced as a result of recent clashes near their community.

Some of the families have taken refuge in the homes of relatives or friends and their leaders told the Delegate for the Rights of the Population in Human Mobility that, for now, they do not have safe conditions to return to their farms.

Leaders of the La Nueva Esperanza Community Council and representatives of the Association of Community Councils of the municipality of Barbacoas, Asocoabar, expressed their concern due to the presence of new armed groups in the area.

The Ombudsman’s Office confirmed that the municipal administration has provided them with humanitarian care, which includes food, hygiene items, medical services and psychosocial support, in addition to the distribution of first aid kits. However, there are concerns that Some older adults are experiencing intestinal problems due to consuming unsafe water.

In terms of education, there is concern among parents because children and adolescents are not receiving classes.

On the other hand, during an inspection of the hostel located in the La Loma sector, it was found that it has 14 rooms, two bathrooms and a laundry room. However, currently only one family is staying there. This family is made up of seven people who were forced to leave Chocó due to the situation of forced displacement, coming from the Playa Alta de Tutunendo indigenous community.

In addition, the officials held a meeting with representatives of the Ombudsman and the Mayor’s Victims Liaison. The purpose was to present and guide the care route for victims of mass displacement, especially considering that it is a new municipal administration.

Finally, we learned of another family that was forced to leave the Angostura village, in the municipality of Magüí Payán, on March 6, due to forced displacement. They were provided humanitarian assistance and are currently staying with friends, waiting for the possibility of returning.

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