When will the sun rise again in Tucumán?

When will the sun rise again in Tucumán?
When will the sun rise again in Tucumán?

The National Meteorological Service announces cool, cloud-covered days in the province.

The cool and cloudy days continue in Tucumán. According to the extended forecast of the National Meteorological Service, the sky will remain overcast throughout the week with maximums that will be between 15° C. and 16° C. while the minimums will drop to 6°. With these gray days, the question is when will the sun rise again?

The national body’s forecast does not foresee any sun during the week. Tomorrow, Wednesday, the sky could partially clear and the maximum temperature would reach 16 °C. The minimum would be around 7 °C.

On Thursday the weather conditions would be similar and it is possible that the cloud cover will continue to decrease. On Friday, for its part, the sky is mostly cloudy, just like Saturday.

According to Meteored, the sun could rise on Sunday although it will still be cool. For that day a maximum of 14° is expected, according to the web portal. Everything seems to indicate that it will be an ideal day to recharge with Vitamin D but without undressing.

Tafí del Valle woke up under the first snowfall of the year

The first snowfall of the season left everything under a white blanket in Tafí del Valle, which yesterday experienced the coldest day of the year, when there is still more than a month left until the beginning of winter. The minimum temperature was 3 °C.

The National Meteorological Service (SMN) had announced a few days ago the entry of a cold front into the province and that the first snowfall of the year could occur today in the Calchaquí Valleys.

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