Martín Lousteau detailed the points that he asked to change in the Base Law: “We are working to correct what came from Deputies”

Martín Lousteau detailed the points that he asked to change in the Base Law: “We are working to correct what came from Deputies”
Martín Lousteau detailed the points that he asked to change in the Base Law: “We are working to correct what came from Deputies”

The radical senator spoke on Somos Buenos, on TN. He confirmed that the updating of university expenses, the recomposition of retirement benefits and public works with advanced projects between 80% and 95%, are among the issues that need modifications.

Martín Lousteau spoke about the Bases Law, in Somos Buenos, on TN (Photo: capture TN).

The senator Martin Lousteauone of the key votes for the upper house to convert the libertarian project of the Base Lawconfirmed that the radical bloc works to incorporate text improvements that he obtained a half sanction and that these changes are added will depend on the decision of the ruling party. “We are working to correct what came from Deputies“he said in We are goodby TN.

Among the points on which they seek changes, he confirmed that they are the update of university expensesthe recomposition of retirement assets and the Public Works with advanced projects between 80% and 95%.

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“I don’t know if the ruling party is going to approve these changes. They want to approve these things without arguing, They want it to be fast and I want it to be good.”said Lousteau, one of the opposition legislators, the focus of President Javier Milei’s criticism.

What Lousteau said about the Bases Law

The Base Law project obtained half the approval of Deputies and to become a Law it needs votes in the Senate. Whether he leaves or not, at this time, is decided between four or five senators, one of them, Lousteau.

I would worry about the vote later, Now we are working in commissions,” because “there are chapters that need improvements,” said the senator.

In this regard, he mentioned that “in the fiscal package there is a tax increase for the middle class (as Profits) while there is a huge discount for the richest of Argentina,” he said and pointed out his disagreement on that point.

He also indicated that it will be allowed a whitening, “more generous” than the previous ones, because “it once again allows the siblings of officials whiten and take officials “just five years ago.”

“It cannot be that each Government does money laundering,” he questioned and announced that among the changes he will propose “that those who administer social plans cannot launder”, because he considered “outrageous to see that profit is made from the needs of others”; and? If money laundering occurred in the last ten years, it cannot be entered again.

Furthermore, he maintained that he RIGI -the Large Investment Incentive Regime- “harms SMEs suppliers to large companies.

It is important that a good law comes out. If no law is passed, we miss out on modifying many things and if a bad law is passed it would affect us for a long time. “We are working to correct what came from the Deputies,” stated the radical senator.

Among the changes they are working on, he mentioned the update of the university expenses, recomposition of the retirement benefitsthe enormous amount of Public Works very necessary for some municipalities, and which are 80%, 85%, 90% complete, as well as those financed by international organizations.

When we have the best law, the Government will say whether it agrees with the Law or not“, complete.

Lousteau was willing to talk to Milei

Despite having been the focus of criticism, Lousteau assured that he would sit down and talk to Milei. “I like to talk to everyone, because I like to see where there are coincidences and where there are not. I would talk to the President,” she said.

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However, he questioned that despite being a senator and president of the UCR, this week he had “the first contact with an official in five months” of the Libertarian Government, when he met behind closed doors with the Minister of the Interior, Guillermo Francos. And he stressed that in the meeting he said “what are the problematic points of the law and which are those that should be incorporated into the law.”

“I feel with everyone. Bad ideas are not like a virus, they will not infect you”he added. Regarding the President’s manner, he mentioned that while “Alberto Fernández was an impotent president”Milei, despite not having a majority in Congress, demonstrated that “a president with will can set the agenda”.

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