They work on the new system for teachers in Antioquia

They work on the new system for teachers in Antioquia
They work on the new health system for teachers in Antioquia

The Association of Institute Teachers of Antioquia (Adida) stated that it is working and monitoring the issue of the new model and the conditions corresponding to the teaching profession in the Department of Antioquia.

According to Albeiro Victoria Cuesta, treasurer of Adida, it has been observed that in the services provided by SulMedical, which is the IPS, which will tend to the teaching profession in Antioquia.

Regarding the situation, this is what he said: “To ignore the commitments that the former operator brought. But, After May 1, we saw that even though SulMedical has the contract, a turtle plan began; However, we have met with the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education and we have made progress with the managers of the Hospitals in the Department. “The possible crisis or misinformation that existed in this regard is being rectified,” he pointed out.

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From Adida they pointed out that There is not a problem as such, but rather an issue of misinformation on the part of teachers.

On the other hand, Jesús María Hincapié Hoyos, a teacher, reported that, due to the current situation of the teaching profession, they are affected, this was indicated.

“It is affecting us. We have not seen any change, because that was working well or badly, it was working well”, said. Likewise, he indicated that there is no available agenda when scheduling appointments with specialists that are not approved.

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Teaching teachers and their beneficiaries are going through a complex situation due to the new system of care in health-related services.which is why the Ombudsman, Carlos Camargo Assis, calls on the competent entities.

“Just a few days after the new health care model was implemented for those linked to the Teaching Industry and their families, and given the nonconformities that educators have been making us aware of, the National Fund for Social Benefits of Teachers, in charge of leading the transition processmust implement a structural plan,” said Camargo Assis.

There are around 819,000 teachers who are part of the Magisterium. Many of them, in the different regions of the national territory, have insisted on reporting multiple failures in the care provided by Fiduprevisora, a fiduciary of a mixed nature and whose connection is linked to the Ministry of Finance, through the National Fund for Social Benefits of Teachers (Fomag).

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