Teachers from Río Negro will have free coverage in two worry exams

Unter confirmed the carrying out of free psychotechnical and speech therapy exams for those who are just starting out in teaching, within the framework of requests from the provincial government. The Concerning, depending on the area, have a cost ranging from 60,000 to 90,000 pesos, the union detailed.

This week, the Ministry of Education and Human Rights announced the launch of the virtual system to carry out psychotechnical and speech-language examinations of preoccupation patients publicly and free of charge, although At the moment only for the area dependent on the Viedma Medical Board.

The union announced in a statement that it occurs after “so much demand from the provincial government to carry out the teaching concern exams at no cost, we consider the beginning of the preparation of these reports through a virtual system to be a real advance.”

The member of the Unter teaching union, Marcelo Nervi, explained that the preoccupational exams cover those people who “have just started teaching and are in order of merit to take positions, and who have to have the preoccupational exam done and it is very expensive. Depending on the area and availability, it has a cost of $60,000 to $90,000.”

In that sense, he explained that “it is for someone who is going to start taking jobs” and With the launch of these two exams “the cost became considerably cheaper.”

“It is a plan that we have been doing for a long time and now progress has been made in the speech therapy and psychological tests, which is a small advance and there is still the rest that is quite onerous,” said Nervi.

These two virtual exams will begin to be implemented in applicants for entry into teaching from the Lower Valley School Councils (Viedma and Conesa), Atlántica I (SAO and Valcheta) and Atlántica II (Sierra Grande).

“It starts in this area, taking into account that it is new and seeing how it can be articulated and then implemented in the rest of the Province,” said the Unter union member.

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