Cuban handball star leaves delegation in Mexico

Cuban handball star leaves delegation in Mexico
Cuban handball star leaves delegation in Mexico

Without a doubt, the most notable news for Cuban handball fans recently was Cuba’s classification to the next World Championship of this sport. The Antilleans won the title in the completed North American and Caribbean Tournament held in Mexico.

In fact, it was precisely the Aztec team that was the Cubans’ rival in the final of this competition. There, the Caribbean defeated the Mexicans with an open score of 36 goals to 21.

Without a doubt, the Antillean team was the best in the competition all the time and demonstrated it with six victories without losses.

Meanwhile, with this title Cuba qualified for the world championship in the discipline after 15 years of absence. This symbolizes their fourth podium in as many participations, in addition to their second title, being the only country to achieve it.

Now, the sights are set on the next Men’s World Championship to be jointly hosted by Croatia, Denmark and Norway in 2025.

Abandonment of the delegation: more of the same?

The truth is that while many celebrated the victory and qualification for the World Cup, the delegation lost one of its best players. Omar Toledano, member of the Cuban national handball team, left said sports representation in Mexico.

There are many sports sources that right now place Toledano separate from the concentration of the Antillean team. In this sense, journalist Francys Romero pointed out that the handball player became the sixth athlete to leave a Cuban delegation in 2024.

Furthermore, this is a significant loss for the Cuba team in the future commitments that await them. We are talking about who will make up the ideal team of the NORCECA tournament, along with goalkeeper Magnol Suárez, Hanser Rodríguez (left winger) and Ángel Rivero (right winger).

It happens that in terms of Cuban delegations attending international events, the trend is being repeated more and more. Recently, the escape of the prominent judoka Magdiel Estrada, representative of the 73 kg of the men’s national team of that sport, also made the news.

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