The secrets behind the best Colombian leathers

The secrets behind the best Colombian leathers
The secrets behind the best Colombian leathers

The doctor Manuel Mauricio Ramos, surgeon with specialization in anti-aging medicineor, spoke in an interview with the Salud y Algo Más program on W Radio, and revealed some secrets behind the most dazzling skins in the country.

Dr. Ramos, who has an impressive academic and professional career, highlighted the importance of “comprehensive personal care” to maintain radiant skin. “These leathers, more than anything, require post-care after the entire process,” he stated, emphasizing that “It goes beyond simply using conventional cosmetic products.”

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When asked about the relevance of diet in the appearance of the skin, Dr. Ramos emphasized that “a balanced diet is essential.” “Mainly the food, All these nutrients are important to obtain excellent results“, he pointed.

Regarding aesthetic procedures, Dr. Ramos advocated a holistic approach. “Before getting to the procedures, I always recommend starting with collagen stimulation,” he explained, comparing this process to “the foundation of a house.”

Regarding the use of dermal fillers and hyaluronic acid, Dr. Ramos highlighted the importance of “an informed decision and a relationship of trust between doctor and patient”. “It is important to know what patients really need,” she stressed.

Additionally, Dr. Ramos shared his focus on men’s grooming, highlighting the growing trend of men toward aesthetic medicine. “In my case, I do my annual collagen biostimulation treatment”revealed.

The secrets behind the best Colombian leathers


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