Reward of $60 million for those responsible for the murder of a minor in Aguachica (Cesar)

Reward of $60 million for those responsible for the murder of a minor in Aguachica (Cesar)
Reward of $60 million for those responsible for the murder of a minor in Aguachica (Cesar)

A reward of up to $60 million is offered by Cesar authorities for accurate information on the whereabouts and identity of the man. responsible for the murder of a minor in Aguachica (south of Cesar).

Of this resource, 40 million pesos are contributed by the Government of Cesar and $20 by the Mayor’s Office of Aguachica.

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The victim Kelly Carolina Carballo Santana, nine years old, lived in the Palmira neighborhood of this town. She was reported missing last their relatives.

According to the accounts of some witnesses, she was last seen on 5th Street and 17th Street in Aguachica, a sector where she was dedicated to taking care of vehicles with her brother.

After her disappearance, police units began searching for the minor.

She was later found lifeless on the national road of Vereda El Minuto, a rural area of ​​this municipality.

One of the first hypotheses put forward by the authorities is that the small victim would have been abandoned in this place to hide evidence or divert investigations and collection of evidence.

“She frequented two main sectors of this sector taking care of motorcycles, due to the precarious conditions of her family. Sometimes, she was seen accompanied by other little brothers. The cameras in this sector are being analyzed to advance the investigations,” highlighted Víctor Roqueme, Mayor of Aguachica.

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The girl’s body was naked, with signs of violence and torture on her neck. Apparently, she had been raped by her attacker, since she had a sharp weapon wound in her pelvic region.

The unfortunate episode has the Aguachica community shocked and requests that the authorities expedite the investigations to arrest and prosecute the culprit.

“We are stunned by this vile murder, because we are talking about the death of a girl. The investigations are on the right track, we hope that, during the course of this afternoon, we will fully identify the person responsible for this crime,” the president stressed.

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