They declare a public calamity due to flooding in Ayapel, Córdoba

They declare a public calamity due to flooding in Ayapel, Córdoba
They declare a public calamity due to flooding in Ayapel, Córdoba


From the municipality of Ayapel, Córdoba, the governor of this department, Erasmo Zuleta Bechara, warned about the crisis that arises in this jurisdiction after the breaking of the jarillon ‘Caregato’ in the Cauca River.

According to the departmental leader, about 2,000 families would be affected in the areawhere the public calamity due to the emergency, as he warned that neither the municipality nor the department have the technical and economic conditions to carry out a comprehensive recovery of this section of the country.

Today what we need to know is how much the comprehensive solution to this problem is worth, how much the comprehensive recovery of the townships in the lower area of ​​the municipality of Ayapel is worth.“said Governor Zuleta Bechara.

“A few days ago I told the national director of Risks: look how much they have invested in mitigating this and the impact that the overflow of the Cauca River is once again generating. And it’s not fair. Already today the Colombian Caribbean, Caregato, La Mojana and our department of Córdoba, What you are asking for are definitive solutions, here we cannot continue with warm water wipes, with recurring issues every six months, because six months of drought, six months of floods that affect so many populations, especially the peasants of our departments.”he added.

In context in The W:

According to the mayor of Ayapel, Córdoba, Hugo Armando Pinedo, “The floods in the lower area of ​​Ayapel affect 35 villages and five townships, leaving a balance of close to 2,000 affected families.”.

Finally, the Government of Córdoba reported that a Unified Command Post was installed in the Ayapel municipality, in order to monitor the situation in this town, after the new overflow of the Cauca River.

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