Freedom “gets stuck”: fights and threats between libertarians in Mendoza

The story of the creation of Karina Milei’s party, La Libertad Avanza (LLA), in Mendoza, surprisingly had a twist that exceeds the files of electoral justice and now has its chapter within criminal justice.

Everything happened after the opposition hearing to the request for the party seal from the national representative Lourdes Arrieta that promotes the electoral project of the president’s sister in our province Javier Gerardo Milei.

The hearing that took place this Tuesday the 14th at 11:00, set by Judge Oscar Quirs to verify opposition and support for the legislator’s initiative, had the participation of the same libertarian deputy and her brother Martín Arrieta, who is head of office in Congress and representative of the party in formation together with the lawyer Aldo Vinci, who advises them in this process. On the other hand, there was the president of the Democratic Party and provincial senator, Armando Magistretti, who appeared to support Arrieta’s initiative.

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But there was a new actor in this series that is developed as a political reality show: Damin Crdoba, who appeared at the call of Judge Quirs as a congressman of the Libertarian Party to present his opposition to the LLA project. The detail is that Crdoba was until Monday the 13th at night the representative of the PL, but when the party leadership found out about his intentions to oppose Arrieta then it was decided to take power from him and that is why he ended up presenting himself as a “congressman” of the party he presides. José Caviglia.

In this context, attention was also drawn to the non-opposition to the official LLA file from the representative of the other faction fighting for the name, the lawyer Alejandro Barraza. Later it was learned that this group chose not to go to the court date because they understand that their arguments were already raised in the first hearing on Thursday the 9th where the LLA “blue” file was considered. In reality, it was left floating that there could be a truce in this fight to let justice decide, thinking that the KM project, larger and more ambitious, could end the “blue” sector at the end of the judicial process that could reach a second instance. (to resolve a chamber), if Quirs rejects the official LLA.

Armando Magistretti, head of the PD, appeared to support Arrieta’s LLA.

At the end of the judicial act in the hall of the Correo Argentino building, where the Electoral Secretariat operates on the fourth floor, Crdoba and the sponsoring lawyer Joaqun Faliti, along with other people linked to the party, spoke post. They expressed their intentions to prevent the transit of Arrieta’s file and, transitively, that of Barraza. They did so arguing that there could not be a party with the name La Libertad Avanza when the electoral front that won the elections last year bore that name. If this happens, they stressed, the electorate will be confused.

The context and the shock

That explanation from the offended PL libertarians was what was formal and put forward for the judge. What happened next made clear the tension and bitterness that is perceived among the libertarian ranks related to the liberal party, who participated and shared the electoral campaign in favor of Milei in Mendoza. That is, between the Arrieta family and who participated with those who are now her accusers, in the electoral campaign that led the Las Heras communicator to become a national parliamentarian.

The second from left to right is Crdoba, who opposes Arrieta’s new party and denounced the legislator’s parents.

In this climate of tension, An altercation broke out in a café near the courthouse. The protagonists were Crdoba and his libertarian friends and the parents of the deputy Arrieta. The episode ended in a criminal complaint for threats filed by the libertarian congressman.

The event occurred on coffee Ristretto, located at San Martín 657 in Ciudad at 1:00 p.m., after the interview with this medium. They crossed paths with Tomás Arrieta and Liliana Mercado, father and mother of Lourdes and Martín. Market confirmed post the episode inside the cafe, detailing that someone who accompanied Córdoba got in the way and advanced on her. “I told him that he should be a police officer and I slapped him with his wallet,” the woman commented. She pointed out that Córdoba has been attacking her children through the networks and recalled that she had fed the now complainant against the Arrietas during the campaign. The 65-year-old woman reiterated several times that her 64-year-old husband is a veteran of the Falklands War and that he has a disability due to post-traumatic stress disorder.


San Martín 657, City. The entrance to the cafe where the libertarian altercation took place.

This violent and striking crossing for those who were in the café at that time ended in a complaint that Córdoba made three hours later. This is the text that contains the complaint for threats.

THREATS. Entering CAFE RISTRETTO, a woman shouted that “she’s going to get shit done.” I didn’t know who said that at the time. Once we were seated, the woman approached the table where we were seated to disturb us for having a coffee and made some insults and threats directed directly at me: “You’re a piece of shit, you’re a son of a thief, you’re going to shit” to which we add a man on the other hand with the same intention and manner: “you’re a son of a bitch, wherever I find you on the street I’m going to make you shit, I’m going to kill you” (and he said something else about the “networks”). We were alerted, I stopped. The people who were with me stopped. One of my companions stepped in to avoid contact. Then, the attackers continued shouting from further away until they decided to leave the place. He didn’t react in any way. The aggressors are Toms Arrieta and Liliana Mercado, parents of National Representative Lourdes Arrieta.

This is the complaint made… by lotamendi

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