Medicine awards Academic Merit to 40 students

Medicine awards Academic Merit to 40 students
Medicine awards Academic Merit to 40 students

The Academic Merit recognition ceremony was held for 40 students of the degrees of Surgeon, Physiotherapy and Environmental Sciences and Health, of the Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous University of San Luis Potosí (UASLP), corresponding to the cycle school 2022-2023.

The ceremony was held within the framework of the recognition of the Faculty of Medicine as first place in the national ranking of the General Exit Examination of the Bachelor of Medicine (EGEL-Ceneval) during the last year, which further highlighted the importance of this event for the institution.

Dr. Ismael Francisco Herrera Benavente, director of the Faculty of Medicine, highlighted the relevance of this celebration for the faculty. “It is one of the most significant where students who have excelled academically in their respective degrees are recognized.”

He stressed the importance of vocation in choosing a career and how perseverance, effort and dedication are reflected in academic achievements.

Mónica Jacqueline González Huerta, student of the Bachelor of Surgeon and distinguished as first place in the 2017-2024 generation, expressed in her speech the importance of recognizing personal effort and sacrifice. She also called for valuing teachers and patients, since her relationship with them is fundamental in the training.

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