Hit by the ATH on Tucumán soil

Hit by the ATH on Tucumán soil
Hit by the ATH on Tucumán soil

May 14, 2024 – 23:35

The athletes of Team ATH, led by sensei Marcelo Olmos (h), once again put their foot down. This time, he became victorious from Tucumán after great performances that left Catamarca Kickboxing high.

In the Semi-Professional category, up to 65 Kg Tiago Carrizo defeated Diego Oyamada from Tucumán.

Meanwhile, also in Semi-professional, Darío Carrizo defeated Medina in the 60 Kg division.

Sensei Olmos thanked the families and friends who allowed the trip to represent Catamarca, since”our team is very humble, we made a great sacrifice to take the fights on short notice, just two weeks in advance to assume the commitment and “We faced it, we accomplished the mission and we took Catamarca Kickboxing to the top with the simplicity and humility that characterizes our team, thank you all for supporting us.”

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