They charge and dictate preventive detention of a truck driver who transported 431 kilos of cocaine

They charge and dictate preventive detention of a truck driver who transported 431 kilos of cocaine
They charge and dictate preventive detention of a truck driver who transported 431 kilos of cocaine

A truck driver, residing in the town of General Mosconi, in the north of the province, was charged yesterday with the crime of transporting narcotics, as a perpetrator. The accusation was presented by federal prosecutor Marcos Romero, from the Decentralized Headquarters of Tartagal, before the federal judge of Guarantees of that city, Ivana Hernández.

The magistrate, in charge of the hearing to formalize the criminal investigation, granted the criminal charges requested by the prosecution, as well as ordered the preventive detention of the accused, identified as Walter Ever Passarino, who was driving a Ford Cargo truck with a trailer. , your property.

When providing more details of the case, the prosecutor maintained that his arrest was recorded last Sunday, in the afternoon, after a patrol of personnel from the National Gendarmerie, Boat section, was alerted by a motorist about the presence of a truck, whose driver could be drunk, since he carried out a dangerous maneuver on Route 34, in the section between Embarcación and Pichanal.

Upon verifying the news, the officers found on the route, near the La Quena area, the truck described by the motorist, so they proceeded to search it, being driven by Passarino, who appeared nervous due to the presence of the uniformed ones.

The driver maintained that he had no load, as he was waiting for it, and then headed to the city of Salvador Mazza. While reviewing the papers of the truck and the trailer, the gendarmes verified the identity of the truck driver, circumstances in which it emerged that he had a record of qualified theft and repeated fraud, cases in which the Criminal Court of Investigation, of the Fifth Nomination of Santa, intervened. Faith; Furthermore, he did not have the truck’s green ID in his possession.

Paint smell

Given this situation, and the fact that the truck driver did not stop walking from one place to another while smoking, led the gendarmes to communicate with the prosecutor’s office, circumstances in which the assistant prosecutor, José Rafael Lamas, with the parameters of suspicion informed , ordered the necessary procedures, including the inspection of the chassis and trailer.

When doing so, the gendarmes smelled a strong smell of paint coming from the side of the chassis railing, which leads to the cabin of the truck, where they also noticed three screws and a flat plate, which did not correspond to the original manufacture of the chassis.

With the authorization of the fiscal assistant, and with the help of tools, one of the screws was loosened and, upon slightly lifting the plate, several brick-shaped packages with yellow wrappers could be seen, stacked in a kind of double compartment. background, which was arranged to hide the drugs, which was perceived by civilian witnesses who endorsed the actions of the uniformed officers.

Once the suspicion was confirmed, the truck was ordered to be moved to the Shipping section, where 270 packages were extracted from the chassis, and 152 packages from the trailer, amounting to a total of 422 packages, equivalent to 431 kilos of cocaine, a discovery that led to the truck driver arrest.

Once the details of the incident were exposed, prosecutor Romero highlighted the seriousness of the incident, the logistics used to hide the poison and the investment that such a maneuver required, a circumstance in which he requested the preventive detention of the driver, based on the risk of escape. and obstruction of the criminal investigation.

In response to the prosecution’s proposal, the official defense raised some questions and objected to the duration of the measure of personal coercion. However, the judge, given the magnitude of the case, resolved in line with the arguments put forward by the prosecutor’s office, which also required authorization to advance investigations, including two seized phones in the possession of the accused.

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