Rains continue to affect several municipalities of Nariño

Rains continue to affect several municipalities of Nariño
Rains continue to affect several municipalities of Nariño
The intense rainfall over the weekend, a product of the first rainy season in the department of Nariño, continues to leave significant effects on several towns. The authorities have issued yellow alerts for the municipalities of the coastal foothills and the north of the department, due to the high risk of flooding and landslides. One of the most affected municipalities is Mallama, where a sudden flood of the Chala stream forced the evacuation of three homes due to river scour.
In addition to the evacuation, a large part of the municipality of Mallama was left without electricity due to heavy rains. In the northern municipalities, the main effects have been on land connectivity, with bank failures and landslides.
The most critical point is between El Empate and San José de Albán where work is underway to restore connectivity. In Arboleda, 126 homes are reported to be affected by the torrential rains, a figure that could increase after the final report of the municipal risk management. The areas of San Lorenzo, La Unión and Belén also show damage to their mobility.
Gabriel Ocaña, director of the Administrative Directorate of Risk Management, pointed out that most emergencies are due to the lack of adequate territorial planning.
Faced with these winter emergencies, the authorities called on the communities of Nariño to be on constant alert and monitor streams and rivers, since the rain phenomenon will last until mid-July and attend to the following points:
• Stay informed about weather forecasts and alerts issued by authorities.
• Monitor streams and rivers near your home.
• Avoid building homes in risk areas.
• Have a family evacuation plan in case of emergency.
• Report any risk situation to local authorities.
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