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The announcement of Twenty One Pilots in Chilewas undoubtedly a very important fact for his die-hard fans.

Since this unexpected visit was confirmed by DG Media, A lot of fury was caused around it.

Especially due to the fact that although they have already come three times, Even so, it would be his first time with his own show. This since they had previously only been to Chile with the Lollapalooza festival.

That is why as soon as the coordinates and ticket sale times were announced, these same fans reacted enormously through their social networks.

At this time, several exclusive pre-sales have already been carried out, of which there are still some tickets available. In what is this prior to the general sale.

Twenty One Pilots ticket prices

What pre-sales are available and when is the Twenty One Pilots general sale?

Since yesterday, the different tickets began to be sold which were divided into certain requirements to access the Ticketmaster platform.

It was last Monday, May 14, for example, that They were sold only to exclusive fans who received some private codes after registering on the band’s page.

For today, Pre-sales were enabled such as Spotify, and discount sales that were for Entel and Scotia customers.

Each of them still have some tickets available in some locations such as General Court or also at Platea Safiro.

After what were these ways of accessing the entries previously, There is still the general sale. This will take place on Friday, May 17 at around 11:01 a.m.

It cannot be denied that the concert of Twenty One Pilots in Chile is already highly sought after, so its seats are selling out very quickly.


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