Atlantic Regional Ombudsman’s Office reported on its management until 2023 | THE UNIVERSAL

Atlantic Regional Ombudsman’s Office reported on its management until 2023 | THE UNIVERSAL
Atlantic Regional Ombudsman’s Office reported on its management until 2023 | THE UNIVERSAL

The Ombudsman’s Office, Atlantic Regional, held an accountability day valid for 2023 in the municipality of Puerto Colombia, an event attended by more than 200 people, including leaders, authorities and citizens of the Department. Read: Possible smallpox outbreak investigated at the Bosque Police Station

During this scenario, the incidents carried out by the group of officials and contractors of the entity in the department of Atlántico were announced, including the efforts on behalf of the population deprived of liberty in the penitentiary centers of the department, where He highlighted the overcrowding, which exceeded 4.5% within the spaces, in which some cases of legal abandonment were recorded.

The entity highlights that through public defenders it was possible to restore the rights of this population, improving their status in terms of hygiene and health within the facilities. Continue reading: A man is shot to death in Barranquilla: he had been imprisoned for homicide

He also highlighted the holding of decentralized conferences in the territory, aimed at providing care and advice on the problems and needs of the populations; and in which health services, legal advice, guidance and statement taking, among others, were provided.

Through its Attention, Procedures and Complaints (ATQ) delegate, 3,832 requests were attended to, which were received through public defenders, who attended a total of 5,605 hearings in favor of the defense of the human rights of citizens.

“Likewise, through the House of Rights of the municipality of Soledad and the Human Mobility delegate, more than 300 procedures were attended to in guidance and advice for victims of the armed conflict, carrying out workshops, training and care sessions. in search of the benefit of the victimized and displaced population due to this situation within the country, thus achieving an improvement in the quality of life of these people in vulnerable situations,” said Miguel Ramón Linero De Cambil Álvarez, during the presentation of the report. Look and see: Assembly approved the “Atlantic for the World” Development Plan 2024-2027

He explained that in another instance, the problem that was triggered with respect to the Papiros toll, located on the Vía al Mar, between Barranquilla and Puerto Colombia, was also addressed, a situation that was led by the Atlantic Regional, serving as the Technical Secretariat in the work tables. and dialogue of the Committee against the Papiros toll, which was attended by national entities such as the Ministry of Transportation and the National Infrastructure Agency (ANI), in order to find agreed solutions for the benefit of the parties, achieving that the rates of the proposed categories will be withdrawn.

To culminate with the accountability, the communities, authorities and social organizations thanked the work of the entity that guarantees human rights for its commitment to the benefit of the populations.


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