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The drought and water crisis that affects Chile is not new. What is, are the estimates of an international organization that foresees the year our country could run out of drinking water.

Perhaps the area most affected by this situation is the Coquimbo region where, for example, in the Puclaro reservoir, in the Province of Elqui, It is at 4% of its capacity.

Very close to the danger is the province of Limarí, where andThe Recoleta reservoir has 3% of its capacityin La Paloma it is 1%, and Cogotí has ​​completely dried out.

In what year would Chile run out of drinking water?

In that context that we mentioned, the World Resources Institute (WRI) placed Chile in 16th place among the countries with the greatest water stressbeing the only one in the region within those ranges.

In this way, the WRI warned that Chile could run out of drinking water by 2050 according to a report published in 2023. That is, 26 years left.

They also warn that the 5 regions most affected by this forecast are: Metropolitan, Atacama, Valparaíso, Antofagasta and Coquimboboth for the agricultural sector and for domestic and industrial use.

Find out below the 20 countries that have the most negative forecast for 2050 regarding water stress and availability of drinking water:

1. Kuwait
2. Cyprus
3. Oman
4. Qatar
5. Bahrain
6. Lebanon
7. United Arab Emirates
8. Saudi Arabia
9. Israel
10. Egypt
11. Libya
12. Yemen
13. Botswana
14. Iran
15. Jordan
16. Chili
17. San Marino
18. Belgium
19. Greece
20. Tunisia

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