They highlight the Orquesta Sinfónica de La Antena for a successful model of self-management in a territory – El Serenense

They highlight the Orquesta Sinfónica de La Antena for a successful model of self-management in a territory – El Serenense
They highlight the Orquesta Sinfónica de La Antena for a successful model of self-management in a territory – El Serenense
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Director Mauricio Ibacache Velásquez will speak in Santiago about the initiative that celebrated 20 years of operation in a sector of high social vulnerability.

The director of the La Antena Symphony Orchestra, Mauricio Ibacache Velásquez, will be one of the speakers at “Spinning knowledge: International Meeting of Education, Art and Culture”, organized by the Artistic Education Week Executive Board and the Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center (GAM), and which is sponsored by UNESCO.

This Thursday, May 16, Ibacache will present on the panel Panel 3: “The relevance of the arts in educational projects”, where he will share the inspiring experience of this community musical project, which has managed to transform the lives of hundreds of children and young people in a vulnerable sector of La Serena.

The teacher commented that “with great enthusiasm, I have accepted the invitation to speak on a topic that I am passionate about: education, culture and the arts. In my particular case, I will focus on the musical movement that we have created informally, that is, without being linked to a university or academy. This project is developed in a territory with resource deficiencies such as La Antena, the town of 17 de Septiembre and Juan XXIII. Through it, we have managed to improve the quality of life of many families and enhance the qualities of our students,”

The training provided by the La Antena Symphony Orchestra has contributed to the personal and comprehensive development of each of its students, some of whom have emigrated outside the country to shine on important stages such as the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires or the London Opera. .

Mauricio Ibacache affirms that “artistic and cultural education are fundamental pillars in the training of individuals.” For this reason, he flatly rejects the position of some educational institutions that consider music and arts subjects as optional. “We believe that it is essential that all children have the opportunity to access artistic and cultural education as an essential part of their comprehensive development.”

“In the public education system, there are resources available, both through the SEP Law and the PIE programs (School Integration Program). However, the problem is that these resources are not always allocated effectively to the objective they pursue: the comprehensive development of students, including their recreational and artistic development,” he argues.

The director of the La Antena Youth Symphony Orchestra, Mauricio Ibacache Veláquez, expressed his pride in the selection of the orchestra as an example to be presented at an international meeting sponsored by UNESCO. “It is an honor that our experience is considered a model of self-management, which could be replicated in different places around the world,” he stated.

Ibacache highlights the trajectory of the orchestra and its impact on the community. “The Antena Orchestra has promoted other artistic activities in the sector, promoting the creation of six additional orchestras,” he said. “We believe that putting an instrument in the hands of a child can transform their life,” he added.

The director also highlighted the recognition granted to the orchestra by the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage, which has categorized it as a Community Culture Point. “This recognition validates our self-management model and the work done by the community,” he said.

Ibacache proudly mentioned that the orchestra has trained a large number of musicians who today are playing in internationally prestigious venues, such as the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires and the London Opera. “This success confirms that we are on the right path,” he said.


In “Spinning knowledge: International Meeting of Education, Art and Culture” national and international experiences will be presented in four thematic panels: “The relevance of the arts in educational projects”, “Characteristics of early artistic training in and with arts”, “Situated artistic education experiences” and “Collaboration and sustainability networks”.

In addition, there will be tables on projects and workshops, as well as activities for a wide audience, particularly boys and girls, in the Central Plaza of the GAM, highlighting the importance of art in public spaces.

The opening talk will be: “Artistic and cultural education: bets for the reconstruction of peace in Colombia”, by Gloria Zapata, UNESCO Chair in Arts, education and culture of peace. And on the last day, the keynote talk “An extended artistic education” by Mônica Hoff, Brazilian artist, curator and educator, will be presented.

As a closing activity, La FOJI will perform a concert by the Percussion Ensemble on Thursday, May 16, at 7:30 p.m.

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