More than 10 thousand photos: 9 members of the national network that distributed child porn remain in prison | National

9 of the 17 members of a network of criminals remained in preventive detention. distribution of pornographic material and sexual exploitation of children and adolescents at the national level.

The other eight defendants were left with precautionary measures of lower intensityafter an extensive investigation carried out by the Cybercrime Brigade of the Investigative Police.

Within the proceedings, it was possible to establish the presence of 10,127 images storedon the devices of the accused, who disseminated the material through chat groups.

Two of The defendants were captured in the city of Arica, as well as two in Antofagasta and two others in Valparaíso.. While three were arrested in the Bío Bío region and eight from Santiago.

These are men between 20 and 72 years old, who risk penalties ranging from 541 days those who are charged with the crime of storage and of up to 10 years who are accused of distribution.

National child pornography distribution network collapses

Is about men between 20 and 72 years old. The national operation is commanded by prosecutor Emiliano Arias and the O’Higgins Regional Prosecutor’s Office, since The Public Ministry decided to group the investigation into only one prosecution office.

Despite the seriousness of the crimes, The Prosecutor’s Office achieved preventive detention in the case of those accused of distribution. However, for those who were charged with the crime of storage, It was not finalized because the penalties were minor..

The list of those accused is as follows:

– Ricardo Patricio Aguirre Araya
– Jordán Josué Tapia Valdés
– Carlos Ariel Marmolejo Maldonado
– Hernán Humberto Farías Mieres
– Ricardo Augusto Acuña Sobarzo
– Ángel Ignacio Salgado Mancilla
– Leonel Enrique Pastenes Salas
– Luis Arturo Jamett Alvarado
– Fernando Andrés Guajardo Pavez
– Roberto Carlos Antonio González Tapia
– Cristóbal Nicolas Vergara Castillo
– Cristóbal Martín Curimil Matías
– Basilio Luciano Payauna Román
– Oscar Rodrigo García Guerra

Some of the accused were defended by the Public Criminal Defender’s Office and others used private lawyers. In the instance They requested that their faces and identities be hiddenwhich was denied.

It remains to be known in the investigation whether the material was produced in national territory or was received from abroadin a case where the Children’s Ombudsman acted as a plaintiff.

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