This is how Mendoza residents behaved with the increase in bus fares

On April 26, the Government of Mendoza published Decree N773 in the Official Gazette, through which it authorized an increase of 175% in the bus ticketwhich at that time was at $200 and which now costs $550.

In addition, the authorities were in charge of warning that it will not be the last increase of the year, since the same regulations clarify that the “real value” of the ticket without subsidies is $ 1,770, so it is estimated that there will be new increases. The question is when?

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In the days following the rate adjustment, long delays could be observed. rows of Mendoza residents at the SUBE points who found out or managed subscriptions, in order to get a lower ticket to continue using public passenger transport. “It is something that happens whenever there is an increase in rates,” they highlighted from Transportation.

Although the area assures that no major changes have been recorded in terms of daily transactions above the units, there are some cases of credits in which some variations are observed to be considered.

For example, the number of transactions for university tickets in April was 31,696, while the figure rose to 43,336 only in the first 15 days of May. This type of subscription has a 50% discount.

In the case of flat rate transactions, that is, $550, while in April the total number was 216,695, so far in May there are 183,376.

Transactions March-April-May (15 days)

Governor Alfredo Cornejo even said this Wednesday that Mendoza has one of the lowest rates in the country thanks to subsidies from the provincial government. “Soon we are going to expand the capacity so that more people can travel on public transportation,” he assured.

For his part, the Minister of Government, Infrastructure and Territorial Development, Natalio Mema also referred to the issue of bus fares and stated: “we have tried to keep the cost of the system as low as possible. Today, you know, it is 1,770 pesos that it costs for the province, for all the people of Mendoza, each of the tickets is paid $550, which is not paid by practically 80% of the service users who have some separate benefit. Therefore, of those 550 pesos the province actually receives 220 pesos for each transaction. “That’s the exact count.”


Vctor Fayad-Natalio Mema

“So, in this context, what the Minister (Fayad) of Finance commented is important about what is going to happen with profits, what is going to happen with public accounts, what is going to happen with the reactivation of the economy; because they are the resources that we have to be able to subsidize the difference between what the passenger pays and what the service costs. That is what will determine the possibility of maintaining the fare for as long as possible, but we do not rule out future increases.” , I admitted.

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