The Denomination of Origin of La Rioja Olive Oil celebrates its twentieth anniversary

The Denomination of Origin of La Rioja Olive Oil celebrates its twentieth anniversary
The Denomination of Origin of La Rioja Olive Oil celebrates its twentieth anniversary

The Protected Designation of Origin Oil from La Rioja celebrates on October 8, twenty years dedicated to improving the region’s olive sector. Throughout these 20 years, it has maintained a firm commitment to promoting traditional values ​​and caring for the environment in the production of olive oil in the region.

The 20th anniversary celebration is a time to reflect on achievements and look to the future with optimism. During these two decades, the Designation of Origin has worked tirelessly to promote excellence in the production of extra virgin olive oil, promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

Path to excellence

Its origin lies in the creation of the Association of Trujales and Olive Growers of La Rioja (ASOLRIOJA) on April 7, 2000, a milestone that marked the beginning of a path towards excellence in the region’s olive sector. ASOLRIOJA was born with the purpose of addressing the needs of the sector and promoting continuous improvement in the quality and production of Rioja oil.

In its early years, the association was tirelessly dedicated to revitalize a sector that had been experiencing gradual decline since the 1970s. To achieve maximum professionalization, various actions were implemented, such as training courses, commented tastings for professionals, market studies, promotional activities and the coordinated publication of Infolivo Rioja.

Thanks to these initiatives, the Rioja olive sector experienced a notable renaissance. The olive area has increased significantly, going from 2,945 hectares in 2000 to 5,671 in 2014. In addition, it has been possible for a high percentage of olive oil production to be classified as extra virgin, a quality mark recognized nationally and internationally.

In recognition of the quality of the product, On October 8, 2004, the Protected Designation of Origin of La Rioja Oil was approved.. In its first years, ASOLRIOJA established itself as the provisional managing body of this quality brand, working hard to guarantee its prestige and recognition in the market.

He March 11, 2011 marks an important milestone in this history, with the beginning of the journey of the Regulatory Council of the DOP Aceite de La Rioja. Since then, this body has assumed the responsibility of managing the Designation of Origin and ensuring its proper functioning, ensuring quality standards and protecting the identity of Riojan olive oil.

Two decades after its foundation, where the Regulatory Council continues to work hand in hand to promote quality and tradition in the olive sector of La Rioja, keeping alive the legacy and commitment that characterizes Rioja olive oil.

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