A couple who survives on their salaries cook meals for the homeless

A couple who survives on their salaries cook meals for the homeless
A couple who survives on their salaries cook meals for the homeless

Luz Ponce and Axel Guzmán are a unique couple. Their gestures of solidarity towards homeless people exalt them, even more so when it is known that they have nothing left over personally: they have a salary income with which, in general, they only survive.

They set aside part of their salary each month to buy food and pay for the remise that delivers the food they prepare. After working eight hours a day on their tasks, they “rotate” to cook and deliver food.

Luz, 22, and Axel, 26, live in the Güemes neighborhood of the city of Jesús María. They both have two small children, and despite being a family that has just begun to transition into adulthood, they distinguish themselves by doing something that no one dared in Jesús María: making homemade food for indigent people.

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Under a tight socioeconomic condition, the couple sets aside part of their salary each month for this purpose.

Luz said that the click solidarity resonated with them when they returned from shopping in a supermarket, and they assessed that they had just enough food to make ends meet. On the way home, they saw that an elderly woman was out in the open. Automatically, they looked into each other’s eyes, and – they say – they both thought the same thing: Has he eaten?

Thus, the idea of ​​preparing meals for the people most in need arose. Without knowing the number of homeless people in the city, they became known through the mouths of those who received their help.

The concern to help led Luz to ask on social media if there were more devastated people in other parts of the city.

“We didn’t know how many more there were. We needed to know to make more meals and buy more food,” Luz explained to The voice.

Luz cooking at home, what they will later deliver

The first time they went to the bus terminal, the young people found themselves in the middle of the night looking for strangers, with a pot of food in their hands and bread rolls to distribute.

The reaction was instantaneous: a dozen people timidly approached in search of a portion. They did it, without understanding why two simple young men, with a girl in their arms, would notice them in the middle of a cold night.

“Little by little”

“We are buying little by little, including vegetables, packets of noodles and chicken, because we do not have income for more. As soon as we charge a little money, we separate a little and with what we put between the two of us we manage to give something to them. “We don’t always have it,” Luz said.

The couple already distributes food in the Terminal, in the Argentine Post Office, in Plaza San Martín and in some marginal streets of the Güemes neighborhood, all in Jesús María.

Luz explained that homeless people often change the place where they sleep. Among other reasons, they say that the Police are “running” them out of public spaces or buildings.

The couple is on another parallel quest now: the search for quilts, blankets and coats for the winter that has begun. A homeless person they help assured them that on at least four occasions they have thrown the belongings that he used to mitigate the cold.

Luz said that while some people encourage them for this task, they also receive criticism, for example, with arguments such as that they help “people who have addictions and not food.”

“People complain to us, questioning why we give them food if they have enough for wine. But even in those cases, which are not all, they are human and cannot stop addictions overnight. Getting out of addiction is very difficult. I help from the bottom of my heart when I can and when I can afford it,” Luz replied.

Faced with criticism, the couple responds that they decided not to pay attention and insist on their idea of ​​“putting themselves in each other’s shoes.”

“We help with what we can, without anyone’s collaboration, very little by little. It brings peace to me, because maybe that day they didn’t have anything to eat and they were able to receive a little love, affection, as well as a dish. “One always needs encouragement,” she said.

Despite arriving tired from work, they often rotate in the kitchen and get to work preparing the food and then distributing it.

“Sometimes, when things get complicated because of work or taking care of the children from the cold, people take charge of going home to get food,” Luz revealed about another step in the relationship generated.

Luz also usually repairs clothes that she receives or finds in poor condition to leave them “like new”, for the same purpose.

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