Relatives place responsibility on the Minister of Security : : Mirador Provincial : : Santa Fe News

Relatives place responsibility on the Minister of Security : : Mirador Provincial : : Santa Fe News
Relatives place responsibility on the Minister of Security : : Mirador Provincial : : Santa Fe News

Relatives and friends of Ariel Goyeneche, who died on Monday, February 12, in circumstances that are the reason for a slow investigation being carried out by the prosecutor, Santiago Alfieri Porqueres, held a demonstration during the afternoon night of Tuesday, May 14, on the esplanade of entry to the Courts of Paraná. A 15-minute video was shown with statements from professionals and newspaper clippings related to the case to support the hypothesis that the family has postulated since the day of the incident: that it was a case of police malpractice.

The video has serious criticism of the actions of the Police and the Minister of Security, Néstor Roncaglia. The official, among other things, is accused of making statements hours after the incident highlighting the actions of the force. Thus, in the description of the video you can read that “so far it is not clear what happened between Ariel’s arrest and death, while the group close to the man who was 35 years old last summer, affirm that there is an abundance of evidence about the bad actions of the Entre Ríos Police and that there is political complicity of the Minister of Security, Néstor Roncaglia.”

Ariel Goyeneche died during a police arrest that took place in the early hours of Monday, February 12. The case gained repercussion due to the circumstances of the arrest, his execution and the protagonists: several members of the Entre Ríos Police. But also because the 35-year-old man died a few meters from the Paraná Departmental Headquarters of the Entre Ríos Police and in front of the second police station headquarters, when he was subdued by two officials and at least three others were observing the procedure.

During the demonstration, an audiovisual was shown in which an attempt was made to “show, based on a reconstruction of what happened that night,” the alleged bad actions of the officials. Thus, they pointed out that “we rely on the story given to us, off the record, by the owner of the house where Ariel was arrested, the statements of the police themselves, the Minister of Security, a witness with a confidential identity (author of the videos, thanks to which we know what happened)”, indicated the relatives.

The documentary, which lasts 15 minutes, is titled 12 F 24 Ariel’s Homicide. In addition, in the link you can also read a summary of the objective of the document: “Once again, friends and family demand that the corresponding authorities, both in the judicial and executive branches, speed up the analysis of autopsy data for the progress of the investigation and immediate availability of the related officials.”

It is also maintained that “three months after his death, the cause of the asphyxiation is still unknown and the officers who were directly linked to his death are still working and therefore may hinder the investigation. There was no progress in the accusations either,” they noted.

The video can be seen at the link

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