Congress returns to base

Congress returns to base
Congress returns to base

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Cienfuegos is the third province to hold the Extraordinary Plenary Session of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC) in correspondence with the political process “Congress returns to the base.”

The meeting takes place after the conclave of the women’s organization and addressed the implementation of the twelve work objectives and the 140 actions approved therein for the period 2024-2029.
A guide of questions was the most effective way to direct the debate and among the most controversial were: how to make the FMC an attractive and necessary organization for women? How to bring the FMC to the time of young people to achieve greater participation ? And how to act from the community in the face of events related to drugs, crime, corruption and illegalities?
Thus, the federations of the eight southern municipalities debated attention to the Cadre Policy; strengthening the link with grassroots leaders, women and their families and prevention work, as well as community social work to avoid teenage pregnancy, drug addiction and domestic violence, among other problems.

In this regard, psychologist Laura López Angulo, provincial coordinator of the Program for the Advancement of Women (PAM), said: “in our province, high levels of violence against women prevail, especially psychological violence. The majority of those affected do not seek help and this has to change. There, social workers play a fundamental role.”
The working meeting was attended by Osmayda Hernández Beleño, a member of the FMC National Secretariat that deals with the ideological sphere, who argued that the priority should be to change so that affiliates feel more represented and insisted on reducing the gender gap. and enhance female empowerment.

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