Law regulating the use of vaping devices is sanctioned in Colombia

Law regulating the use of vaping devices is sanctioned in Colombia
Law regulating the use of vaping devices is sanctioned in Colombia

The Anti-Tobacco Law 2.0, which came into force on May 9, is a modification of the anti-tobacco law 1335 of 2009, designed to adapt to the emerging use of vaping devices and electronic nicotine delivery systems.. With this update, these devices are now subject to the same regulations as traditional tobacco products.

Senator José David Name, author of the initiative, highlighted that this new law represents a significant advance in the protection of public health in Colombia. He noted that more than 15 years of work have been invested in ensuring adequate regulation of tobacco products.and now they have regulations that respond to new realities, aligned with the standards of the World Health Organization (WHO).

“This law opens spaces for the development of strategies on the potential effects of these devices on people’s health”explained Senator Name. In addition, he added that health and education programs will be established aimed especially at children and young people in the country, with the aim of informing about the risks associated with the use of electronic cigarettes and vaping devices.

The legislation also recognizes consumer rights, ensuring their access to information and prevention programs and cessation of consumption of tobacco products and their derivatives. The Ministry of Health and Social Protection will be in charge of designing and executing educational campaigns on the potential health effects and risks of using these devices.

Regarding the implementation of the law, a transition period is granted for the application of certain articles, in order to allow the adaptation of the industry and facilitate compliance with the new regulations. The law takes effect immediately upon its promulgation and repeals any previous legislation that conflicts with its provisions.



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