Local authorities inspected water consumption in hotels in Bogotá

Local authorities inspected water consumption in hotels in Bogotá
Local authorities inspected water consumption in hotels in Bogotá

The inspection was carried out due to the constant figures of excessive water consumption.

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In the midst of the crisis due to water shortages that Bogotá faces, an urgent call has been launched to the city’s hotels, since they have been identified as large consumers of water. In response to this concern, on May 15, inspections were carried out at the accommodations to verify compliance with the measures announced by the mayor’s office.

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Carlos Fernando Galán, mayor of Bogotá, reported on the operations carried out by the authorities in the city’s hotels to guarantee compliance with water saving measures.

“Consumption has increased after the bridge. The situation remains critical and it is imperative that we all reduce our consumption. We will be visiting some hotels to raise awareness about the importance of this measure. Bogotá needs us united in this effort,” declared the capital’s president.

The daily monitoring carried out by the authorities not only focuses on the level of the reservoirs, but also on monitoring water consumption in the city. Regarding rationing, Natasha Avendaño, manager of the Aqueduct, has stated that the District does not plan to ease the measure for now and that, “it is not a measure to alleviate a temporary crisis, it is a change that we have to make in our relationship.” with water.”

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How did the hotels perform during the inspection?

“Today we took a tour of some hotels, of the almost 700 hotels in Bogotá. We have a challenge because, usually, a person who stays in a hotel spends more than double what he spends when he is at home,” stated the mayor.

According to Mayor Galán, the inspections revealed that various water saving measures are being implemented in the city’s hotels. These include dry cleaning rooms and washing linen every two or three days with a full load.

Hotel managers are working to overcome this crisis, while authorities continue their work to raise awareness about the importance of reducing water consumption.

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