Broda recommended Milei bring economists with participation in Córdoba

Broda recommended Milei bring economists with participation in Córdoba
Broda recommended Milei bring economists with participation in Córdoba

The economist Miguel Angel Broda suggested to President Javier Milei that he integrate economists linked to Córdoba into his economic team, based on the fact that on December 10 he came to government “without a plan and without a team.”

Broda, who knows Milei because the latter was part of his study, made a series of points about the progress of the economy and acknowledged having “a good relationship with Javier Milei, who was a collaborator of mine many years ago, one of the two best that I had, but I regret that I cannot contribute my grain of sand,” he said.

The objections

An expert in macroeconomics and consulted at the level of large companies, Broda gave a series of recommendations, among them the need to have a “stabilization plan” because the economy “is indexed.”

He emphasized that the speed of recovery of the economy “is very slow” due to the delay in the arrival of investments and agreed with criticism from other professionals who mention that the “exchange delay is notable.” “You can’t open the economy when the dollar is so cheap in relative terms,” he said.

After objecting to the pace of crawling peg designed by the Government and defended by Milei, stated that in October “we will have eaten the entire devaluation.”

He stressed the need to get out of the exchange rate “as soon as possible” because “this hinders the entire real economy.” “This process is not around the corner. We must remove the country tax right now because it is very distorting,” he reinforced.

“Currently, it is as if the patient had left intensive care but is now in the general ward. Clearly to be a stable country, we need to be normal and heal. We have to stop being the model of divergence: the country that has everything to succeed but fails,” she stressed.

“When you look at two fundamental indicators such as GDP per capita, we have that in 2023 we were eleven points poorer than in 2011 while our neighbors grew 16 points. The difference is 27 points in just 12 years in favor of nations like Chile, Paraguay or Uruguay,” he said.

The Ieral team

In part of the note given to La Nación+, Broda allowed himself to suggest to Milei that he reinforce his government teams with economists who participate in the Ieral-Mediterranean Foundation and who formed a government proposal headed by Carlos Melconian.

“With the highest respect and with the greatest desire for success, the president arrived without a team and without a program,” he stressed. “My suggestion would have been to copy the program that Patricia Bullrich had,” she said.

After commenting that the lack of a proactive relationship between Milei and Melconian may be an obstacle, he said that the president should nevertheless use “extraordinary economists who worked for a year” on a program later delivered to presidential candidate Patricia Bullrich.

Broda was referring to the team made up of 70 economists, most of whom belong to the Ieral-Mediterranean Foundation. That program, according to what the entity said at the time, was advancing in all areas of government with concrete measures.

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