Entre Ríos: there are 579 people evacuated – News

In the midst of the flooding of the Uruguay River, today 579 evacuees were reported in five centers in the province of Entre Ríos, as well as 72 people housed in the 6th Tank Cavalry Regiment in the city of Concordia. The information was confirmed by the presidential spokesperson, Manuel Adorni, at the morning press conference.

“There is support there from the Army. There is a squad specializing in environmental catastrophes that has 28 military personnel, four special vehicles and a mobile kitchen,” said Adorni, regarding the measures taken by the State in the province.

And he added: “Now a certain level of stability has been detected in the Uruguay River, so we understand that the flood level is going to decrease. As I mentioned before yesterday, of course we are available to anyone who requests help and, in addition, we are also following the situation ‘hour by hour’.”

According to the statement published by the Salto Grande dam, until 3:00 p.m. today, the evacuated flow will vary between 23,000 and 24,000 cubic meters per second. The document also indicates that the maximum levels in the ports of Concordia and Salto will not exceed the values ​​of 13.70 and 13.90 meters, respectively; Meanwhile, the level of the reservoir will reach 35.65 meters.

From the municipality of Concordia they announced measures to “reinforce security.” Thus, they joined: 100 troops, around 10 patrol cars, three boats, a jet ski, a helicopter and a Mobile Operational Unit of the Entre Ríos Police.


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