New director of security and citizen coexistence for Huila

New director of security and citizen coexistence for Huila
New director of security and citizen coexistence for Huila

Post date: 2024-05-15 20:48:15

“Without security there is nothing! With the creation of this Technical Directorate we are fulfilling a commitment to the community, we are going to work hand in hand on the department’s security strategy,” said Rodrigo Villalba, Governor of Huila during the inauguration ceremony of Oscar Fernando España as Director of Security and Citizen Coexistence.

2024-05-15 20:48:15

Huila has taken a significant step towards the promotion of citizen well-being with the creation of the Directorate of Security and Citizen Coexistence, in accordance with Ordinance 003 of April 5, 2024, this directorate, attached to the Secretariat of Government, Community Affairs and Security, its main mission is to coordinate, articulate and control the process of security and citizen coexistence, peace, human rights and care for victims in the department.

“The fundamental pillar of our government plan is security, we are working hand in hand with the Public Force, we have shown important results against kidnapping, extortion, trying to put criminals in ‘waist’, but we still have a long way to go, for That is why we created the Technical Directorate of Security and Citizen Coexistence to support it with greater instruments, with better tools against insecurity in the department,” highlighted Governor Rodrigo Villalba.

The recently appointed Director of Security and Citizen Coexistence, Oscar Fernando España, has committed to leading, together with the Secretary of Government, Security and Community Affairs, Edgar Martín Lara, actions for the maintenance of public order and crime prevention. In addition, he will work closely with public forces to improve the perception of security in the region, and will also focus on promoting a culture of coexistence, citizen participation and tolerance in the department of Huila.

It will also advance the formulation of policies to protect social leaders and human rights defenders, and will coordinate actions for the urgent search for missing people and victims of violence. Its commitment includes the management of resources for the protection of human rights and technical assistance to municipalities in crime prevention, as well as the continuous evaluation of programs to protect essential rights in the department.

“We take on this challenge of seeking strategies that allow us to provide solutions to the security problems of small producers, farmers, and all citizens who need our attention. We are going to work in coordination with the National Police, the National Army, the Prosecutor’s Office, to show the results that we all expect” expressed Oscar Fernando España Algecira, Director of Security and Citizen Coexistence of the department of Huila.

Who is Oscar Fernando Spain?

Oscar Fernando España Algecira is a Senior Officer of the Active Reserve of the Colombian National Army of Major rank, graduated from the “General José María Córdoba” Military Cadet School where he obtained his Professional degree in Military Sciences; He is also a professional in International Relations and Political Studies from the Military University, Specialist in Administration of Military Resources for National Defense, Specialist in leading Military Units and Master in Political Studies from the Javeriana University.

He has experience in Human Talent Management, Resource Management for National Defense, University Teaching, development of socio-political analysis and as Head of Security and Intelligence Operations, he joined the Multinational Observation Force in the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt , representing the Colombian Army.

He was commander of the Military Gaula of the Department of Huila, he worked in the Ministry of the Interior, in the International Committee for the Development of Peoples (NGO) and in the Mayor’s Office of Neiva.

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