a puzzle to put together with extra pieces

a puzzle to put together with extra pieces
a puzzle to put together with extra pieces

On the other hand, Milei was the presidential candidate with the most votes in La Pampa last year and, as he could not bring candidacies to Congress, in that category there was a majority of blank votes. It is legitimate to think that a good portion of those wills would lean towards some libertarian postulation this time, although it is still a mystery what force and what people will represent that seal.

That is one of the great dilemmas of the thread already enabled towards 2025: Will LLA go out in search of alliances with spaces that have a route, structure, certain familiar faces and some iron? Or will you bet on a construction against caste that will bring you closer to the majority anger vote from last year?

Together for Change: what direction should we take?

The greatest confusion and bewilderment appear in the camp of Together for Changewhich is still a formal coalition and maintains relatively solid conduct in local legislative bodies.

The point is that the overacting of some PRO actors generates a kind of mirror effect in other sectors of the alliance: as some Macrista leadership behaves as a lifelong libertarian, radicals flourish who distance themselves and even sympathize with the resistance. of the Peronist provincial government.

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This panorama fills the future with questions for the opposition: will the PRO decisively seek a common destiny with libertarianism? In that case, will it be accepted just like that by the Mileist hosts? If this were a possible course, will it only be the path of recalcitrant Macriism or is it possible to drag the institutional UCR, or a portion of its representations, in the same direction?

Even more: within the PRO it does not seem so certain that Maquieyra, a soldier of Horacio Rodríguez Larretawants to give up that “doves” bench so that some other sector can keep it, especially because the legislator has long been seen as the face of the “future” of the PRO.

The UCR of La Pampa bends and breaks

The UCR has its own cracks, which are strengthened by the feeling that without 2025 there is no 2027. The last provincial executive election left the UCR very well positioned. Martin Berhongaraycandidate for governor defeated but with just enough for the re-elected Peronist Sergio Ziliotto. Berhongaray’s term in deputies ended and he preferred to get out of the internal noise last year. Are you back on the slopes now?

At the same time, the UCR had a furious internal debate regarding whether or not to ally with the Organized Community space of Juan Carlos Tierno, a force that, depending on the context, garners between 5% and 10% of the votes, and that could have allowed radicalism to block the 2023 election. The figure of Tierno garners high rejection from a large part of the UCR leadership. It is “a limit”, but other spaces fuel the arrangement with a results-oriented spirit.

Tierno, as always, plays his own game: he strengthens his historic bridges with Patricia Bullrich and the game of “libertarian” representation. He exacerbates his opposition to vernacular Peronism from his legislative representation, empathizes in the networks with Milei and company and boasts within borders of having national contacts that would facilitate the arrival of works and resources to localities governed by oppofriendlys.

The idea of ​​an opposition STEP in La Pampa

The way in which these pieces of the puzzle will fit together, or not, from now until the pre-electoral period will also depend on the management of some national threads. The scenario is especially blurry in the opposition.

On the one hand, an alliance of all spaces would allow a victory for this conglomerate of opposition to Peronism, but such a coalition also appears to be complex, if not improbable, because it would generate other disbandments.

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For this reason, the idea germinates in some leaderships that the 2025 legislative election serves precisely as a kind of internal with a view to 2027: an election in which each space measures its beans in view of the entire electorate in als PASO and positions itself that way. with a view to the main course in which the province will be at stake.

Peronism is at least clear that it must wash its dirty laundry at home, at the risk of losing everything, and that is why it is already beginning to organize itself: this Saturday the provincial congress will lower the line so that next year it will be united and organized.

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