Supreme Court accepts appeals from Sernapesca de Aysén and condemns salmon farmers

Supreme Court accepts appeals from Sernapesca de Aysén and condemns salmon farmers
Supreme Court accepts appeals from Sernapesca de Aysén and condemns salmon farmers

Within the framework of ISA virus surveillance, the companies, according to the authority’s press release, “did not carry out sampling with the frequency and quantity required by the regulations.”

The aquaculture team of the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Service (Sernapesca) of the Aysén region detected, according to a press release sent yesterday, that during 2022, within the framework of ISA virus surveillance in farming centers, companies “they did not carry out the sampling with the periodicity and quantity of sampling required by the regulations.”

Infectious Salmon Anemia Virus (ISA) “is a high-risk disease that affects salmon, particularly Atlantic salmon. To monitor the ISAv status of the country’s farms, Sernapesca, through a specific surveillance and control program, mandates that companies carry out periodic sampling to detect the presence of the virus in their farming centers, with this surveillance, and its compliance by the producing companies, being the main input to take timely measures against the detection of the virus. Failure to carry out the required sampling could lead to a high health risk,” they indicated.

The facts, stated the authority, “were reported by the supervisory body, being considered responsible for the infraction reported by the Court of Letters and Guarantee of Aysén as repeat offenders, however, both Blumar and Multi committed was not of the same type as the previous cases, so in their opinion, they should not be considered repeat offenders, an issue that was accepted by the Court of Appeals and implied a reduction of the fine originally imposed.

The Supreme Court considered that, “despite these being infractions different from those committed previously, recidivism is established, which is why it accepted the appeal filed by Sernapesca, thus annulling the ruling of the Court of Appeals and ruling in its replace the sentence imposed by the Court of Letters of Aysén,” they detailed.

The regional director(s) of Aysén, Juan Carlos Orellana, highlighted the ruling handed down by the Supreme Court: “This is a historic ruling, since it reaffirms the recidivism on the part of the companies, having committed any violation of the regulations in a period of two years, from when the last sentence has become enforceable. That is to say, it is not necessary that they have committed the same offense to be considered repeat offenders.”

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