They analyze the electro-energy situation in Villa Clara

They analyze the electro-energy situation in Villa Clara
They analyze the electro-energy situation in Villa Clara

The meeting was chaired by the Vila Clara governor Milaxy Yanet Sánchez Armas and was attended by Dilky Ponce Expósito, first secretary of the Party in the provincial capital as well as other political, governmental and administrative authorities of the territory.

The work system to reinforce and control public passenger transportation was also another widely debated topic; It was pointed out that there are still state cars that do not stop at the collection points and instruction number two of the governor was announced, which requires all cars from companies and organizations at all levels to stop at each of the piqueras, it will be considered a serious violation if said provision is not complied with.

“We must accompany the people every day, in the current context we can contribute a lot to transportation if we generally raise awareness, serve and listen to everyone, that is our maxim,” stated the governor of Villa Clara, Milaxy Yanet Sánchez Armas. .

Energy a day: Summer in sight

Armando Hernández Pedroso, director of ONURE here, explained the strategy to follow to face the summer months in the face of the complex electro-energy situation in the country.

He also presented the measures to be implemented with the objective of reducing consumption in the residential sector and the need to stimulate the installation of Renewable Energy Sources in the state sector.

Emphasis was placed on the efforts made by the country to have the generating units operating in the summer stage.

Representatives of various forms of non-state management also attended this meeting.


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