Today, provincial meeting of young libertarians

One of the leaders of the youth of La Libertad Avanza (LLA), Matías Miño spoke with EL LIBERTADOR and made clear the latent priorities for what is coming in Corrientes.
The young leader from Curuzú Cuatiá emphasized the rally that will take place today in the capital of Corrientes, a meeting that will take place on 25 de Mayo Street, between Santa Fe and Spain.
«It is the first meeting of the Youth of La Libertad Avanza in Corrientes. We seek to bring together young people from different parts of the provincial territory. The idea is to put together a strategic work agenda,” said Miño.
«We are carrying out a very arduous membership campaign throughout the province. Each team formed takes care of reaching out to people in their localities, to give them the opportunity to be part of our force,” he added.

In the photo, the Curuzucuateño leader of the LLA Youth, Matías Miño (left) with the national point guard, Juan Boutet.

For the Curuzucuateño leader, the libertarian party has an advantage unlike the traditional political forces. “There is a lot of excitement in our space for what is to come, since it has an important level of credibility, which makes many people come closer,” he remarked.
In this way, he took the opportunity to praise the image of who is today the leading voice of Corrientes in the La Libertad Avanza alliance. «We have a national deputy who is Lisandro (Almirón) who carries out very important parliamentary work, he is leading the way. “He would encourage me to say that he is the legislator for Corrientes who is having the most relevance,” he stated.
Miño recognized that this meeting collaborates with the territorial assembly on a national scale that Karina Milei has been facing.
Thus, it also placed emphasis on the representation acquired in Corrientes, even without having had the time that they now have for organic assembly. «We have councilors very committed to legislating for residents in different communes. “In Mercedes, in Esquina, in Paso de los Libres, among others,” he commented to make it clear that it is “a process that does not happen overnight.”
Miño stressed: «We have one year to prepare to compete in 2025, which is what we long for. And within this scheme, youth is key in La Libertad Avanza, because we are the ones who give the push, with territorial and virtual work (on social networks), where young people contribute a lot. “We have to hold these types of meetings to be able to listen to each other and continue with our work.”
Finally, the libertarian leader of the youth of Curuzú announced that “in July a national meeting of La Libertad Avanza could be held, an initiative that was suggested by the Corrientes leadership.”


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