Suspect captured for death of minor in Aguachica, Cesar

Suspect captured for death of minor in Aguachica, Cesar
Suspect captured for death of minor in Aguachica, Cesar

The community of the municipality of Aguachica, in Cesar, is shocked by the brutal murder of little Kelly Carolina Carballo Santana, only 9 years old. The crime, which has generated great indignation and repudiation, has taken an important turn with the capture of the alleged perpetrator.

Kelly Carolina’s body was found lifeless in the rural area of ​​the municipality, with clear signs of violence and alleged sexual assault. The minor had been last seen while she was accompanying her brother on 5th and 17th Street, taking care of motorcycles.

After an intense search operation and the investigative work carried out by the authorities, the suspect, Lubin José Chinchilla Carrascal, was captured, who initially denied any involvement in the crime. However, the evidence collected by the Police points to his full responsibility in this atrocious event.

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The community awaits the development of the investigations and demands justice for Kelly Carolina.

The authorities call on citizens to collaborate with any information that may help clarify the details of the crime and guarantee that justice is done for the minor who was a victim of alleged sexual abuse and aggravated feminicide.

Finally, the authorities urged the media to be responsible and respectful with the information, avoiding the re-victimization of the family and the disclosure of data that could put the investigation at risk.


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