Villanueva approved the Development Plan focused on agroindustrialization and housing construction » PRENSA LIBRE CASANARE

Héctor Vizcaíno, Mayor of Villanueva, reported that through his development plan he intends to significantly promote agroindustrialization and improve access to housing and basic services in the town.

This plan, aligned with the departmental and national development guidelines, proposes an integrated approach that promises to transform the local economy and improve the quality of life of the inhabitants.

According to Vizcaíno, the fundamental axes of the plan include the expansion and diversification of agribusiness, with emphasis on palm and wood, sectors already rooted in the local economy thanks to companies such as Refocosta. In addition, the plan aims to generate energy from biomass in collaboration with Refo Energy, which positions Villanueva as a model of energy sustainability in the region.

Mayor Vizcaíno also highlighted the creation of jobs through the establishment of new processing plants that will allow greater added value to local products such as cocoa, of which Villanueva is becoming an important producer.

“We are cultivating more than 1,300 hectares of cocoa and, with the cooperation of the Casanare government, we are going to build a processing plant that will transform the local production chain,” said the mayor.


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