Artisanal bridge collapsed again in Guamal, Magdalena

Artisanal bridge collapsed again in Guamal, Magdalena
Artisanal bridge collapsed again in Guamal, Magdalena

After the agreement made by the previous governor of Magdalena, Carlos Caicedo, who had committed to building a new bridge to dignify the lives of the inhabitants of Pajaral, a district belonging to the municipality of Guamal, the departmental administration continues to be conspicuous by its absence and has not given a solution to this problem that today has them incommunicado due to its collapse.

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This incident has left hundreds of residents incommunicado, including students, farmers and entire families, who are now forced to travel long distances on foot or on horseback to access basic services and job opportunities.

The platform, built of wood, had already collapsed on several occasions in the past, leaving residents in a situation of constant vulnerability. However, local and departmental authorities have not taken the necessary measures to build a permanent and safe structure.

According to the residents, the construction of the bridge has been their own initiative, due to the lack of attention from local and departmental administrations. “We have had to build the bridge ourselves, because the authorities are conspicuous by their absence,” said a resident of the area.

The situation is further aggravated by a court ruling in 2022 that forced Mayor Osmer Díaz to build the work. However, this provision remained in legal limbo, leaving the population in oblivion and without a solution to their problem.

“We ask the mayor, the Municipal Mayor’s Office of Guamal Magdalena and the Government of Magdalena, through the disaster prevention and assistance office, to help us solve this problem,” said a mother residing in the area.

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The Pajaral community demands an immediate response and permanent solutions from the authorities to guarantee their safety and well-being. The collapse of the pedestrian bridge has not only created a lack of communication, but has also put the lives of the residents at risk, who are forced to cross the Magdalena River on foot or on horseback, despite the dangers that this entails.

It is expected that the authorities will take the necessary measures to address this emergency and guarantee the fundamental right to mobility of the inhabitants of Pajaral.

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