The Police are looking for the boyfriend of the “black widow” of La Plata to file a complaint

The Police are looking for the boyfriend of the “black widow” of La Plata to file a complaint
The Police are looking for the boyfriend of the “black widow” of La Plata to file a complaint

Last night, a man from La Plata identified as Gastón, 46 years oldgave a series of interviews to the program Telefe News to account for a situation that he had supposedly suffered: according to his story, he was the victim of a “black widow” and his band. Thus, they drugged him and robbed him, as happens in this modality.

The incident, according to his story, happened on Sunday morning in a building located between 5th and 6th streets, where the victim resides. Over there, llandthe accused went, to supposedly rob him. He identified her with a name: “Sofía”, whom he said he met through a dating app.

Also, he commented on another detail that surprised the jurisdiction’s police officers: “It wasn’t the first date, it was the fourth.” Supposedly, On the night of the robbery, Gastón gave her a “one-kilo chocolate” because “they were turning three months old.”

In this regard, he assured that “it hurts” the fact that he has earned your trustbut he stressed: “Thank God I am alive, because the truth is that I was unconscious for more than ten hours and they could have done anything to me,” according to his statements.

Video: the entrance of “Sofía” to her date with Gastón

For now, there is no criminal case investigating the alleged robbery suffered by Gastón, as confirmed by official sources to Infobae. HE Two patrol cars from the 1st Police Station in the center of La Plata were dispatched to find the victim. and thus take your complaint to initiate a file, however, It was not found. The man hypothesized that “Sofía” would live in Caballito, but the crime corresponds to the La Plata Justice, having allegedly been committed in that city.

On the other side of the television, a high-ranking detective from the Buenos Aires Police was surprised by the version: “No black widow dates a victim four times”That is, unless the loot is big enough, and the victim distrustful enough. Gastón even claimed that he had made dinner for his attacker.

Video: Gastón’s interview with Rodolfo Barilli

The sequence of the robbery committed by the alleged “Sofía” and her accomplices was recorded by security cameras of Gastón’s building. There, four men are seen, along with a woman, a common mechanic, since black widows always attack with a support group to move belongings, this time, neatly packed in backpacks and a suitcase. carry on.

At the end of 2023, The Zavaleta de Barracas village in CABA had become a new hot zone for black widow operationswith various cases investigated by the City Police and the PFA throughout the year.

Also, Judge Martín Yadarola investigated a case where two suspects from the settlement attacked a resident of Barracas – they took a bus to go rob and loot him – They spoke in a listening session about the rescue of “El Bahiano”, or Bahiano Ismael Bobadillaa dangerous thug from La Plata, part of the leadership of a gang dedicated to entrances. Bahian Ismael Bobadilla, second in command of a fearsome gang dedicated to committing trespasses and taking land in La Plata. To “Bahia” They released him at the beginning of last October in an attack of 30 shots in Tolosa, when the Buenos Aires Penitentiary Service transferred him to appear before Justice for a homicide of which he was accused when he was a minor. A command from the Complex Crimes area of ​​the Buenos Aires Police He recaptured him on October 19 in Berazateguiwounded by a gunshot aboard an Alfa Romeo

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