In Entre Ríos they do not suspend the sale of CNG at service stations – Radio Nacional

In the last few hours, the news broke of the suspension of CNG at service stations in the country, due to the cold wave. This sought to prioritize domestic gas consumption. Alejandro DiPalmaa businessman in the sector, said that in Entre Ríos “it is difficult for the sale of CNG to be interrupted,” since there is no large industrial activity that requires such compressed natural gas.

Buenos Aires, Tucumán, La Pampa, Catamarca, Santiago del Estero and Rio Negro were the provinces where the sale of CNG at service stations was suspended, prioritizing home consumption. The decision was made by the Camuzii gas distributor, given the high consumption due to the cold wave.

In some parts of the country, there are interruptible contracts, and this means that suppliers can suspend the service if they prioritize home consumption.

“It’s not that it’s good, what happens is that Entre Ríos does not have large industries,” Di Palma explained about the interruption of CNG sales in some parts of the country.



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