Narcoviajero is arrested in the department of Boyacá

Narcoviajero is arrested in the department of Boyacá
Narcoviajero is arrested in the department of Boyacá


During the inspection and control activities carried out by the officers of the Boyacá Police Department, specifically the Traffic and Transportation Section, on the Tunja – Paipa highway near the Tuta toll, 50 kilograms of marijuana were discovered inside a public transport vehicle which came from Bogotá bound for Sogamoso.

After verifying the passengers and carrying out the necessary searches, one of them was found in possession of the aforementioned substance in his hand luggage and in the hold of the bus. Consequently, this individual was arrested and handed over to the competent authority, who, During the hearing, he denied the charges, but he was taken into custody.

Where would it be distributed?

This man They had paid $1,200,000 for distributing drugs in the municipalities of Duitama and Sogamoso. The captured individual is a native of Bogotá, who claimed to work as a street vendor in the capital.

This is the third narcotics interception this yearor using similar methods: Ten kilograms of marijuana were seized in Arcabuco in February, and in April, a kilogram of cocaine hydrochloride and marijuana in Ventaquemada. To date, there have been more than 57 arrests for traffic crimesmanufacture or possession of narcotics, which has resulted in the confiscation of 223,067 grams of marijuana, 3,229 grams of cocaine base, 613 grams of crack and 392 grams of cocaine.


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