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Two of those responsible for the kidnapping and subsequent murder of horse rider Arbey Vargas Trilleras in Pitalito were convicted. These are Yonathan Rodríguez Sánchez and Brayan Stiven Rojas Macías, sentenced to 44 and 28 years in prison, respectively.

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Two members of the criminal gang, which was apparently led by lawyer Cesar Alberto Sierra Avellaneda, who followed businessman and horse rider Arbey Vargas Trilleras, to kidnap and murder him, were convicted.

The sentence against Yonathan Rodríguez Sánchez and Brayan Stiven Rojas Macías was pronounced yesterday by the First Specialized Criminal Judge of Neiva with Knowledge Functions, finding them responsible for the violent death of Vargas Trilleras, on June 8, 2021.

Rodríguez Sánchez was sentenced to 44 years in prison after being found responsible for the crimes of aggravated kidnapping for extortion, aggravated homicide, forced disappearance, manufacturing, possession of firearms or ammunition and conspiracy to commit kidnapping crimes. While he will acquit him of the charge of using minors to commit crimes.

While Rojas Macías was sentenced to 28 years in prison for the crimes of forced disappearance and conspiracy to commit crimes of kidnapping.

The two subjects were part of an organized crime group, led by Cesar Alberto Sierra Avellaneda (a fugitive from justice), the Sixth Specialized Prosecutor of Neiva said in the indictment.

The judge at the hearing reading the ruling stated that the Prosecutor’s Office, which managed to demonstrate with testimonial and documentary evidence the responsibility of the defendants in the kidnapping and subsequent murder of Vargas Trilleras.

Tracking and kidnapping

Arbey Vargas Trilleras.

The activity of the criminal organization was recorded in videos from security cameras and interception of telephone lines, according to the work carried out by the uniformed Gaula Police who were investigating the kidnapping of Vargas Trilleras.

The prosecutor in the prosecution stated that the investigation and the technical, documentary, and testimonial evidence, it was possible to establish that an organized crime group, led by Sierra Avellaneda and composed, among others, of Yonathan Rodríguez Sánchez, and other people, since the 2nd June 2021, in the Wolksvagen vehicles, with license plate UEY-756, and Renault Simbol, with plate BWD-230, they moved from the city of Bogotá to Pitalito.

The two men conducted a study and followed up on Vargas Trilleras, and after six days they kidnapped him, on June 8, 2021, and transferred him to the El Palmar or Salado farm, where Rojas Macías is the butler, in the El Terminal village in the road that from Pitalito leads to the municipality of Acevedo.

There, the gang hides Vasgas Trilleras. “Without having any information about his whereabouts and after that they murdered him and hid his body within the same property,” said the prosecutor.

They stay in a hotel

The prosecutor maintained that Sierra Avellaneda and Rodríguez Sánchez, from Bogotá, stayed in room 208 at the Metropol hotel in Pitalito, located on Calle 8 and Carrera 3.

“They stay in a room that is strategically located in front of the Adictos warehouse, owned by Vargas Trilleras and from where the perpetrators took information on the victim’s movements by taking photographic records,” indicated the delegate of the accusing body.

He maintained that Rodríguez Sánchez, calling himself Javier and accompanied by Sierra Avellaneda, whom he called ‘Uncle’, on June 2, in the Volkswagen, traveled to the Villa Valentina country house, owned by Jhon Fredy Lara Grisales, located Vereda Cascajal, on the road that leads from Pitalito to Timaná.

“They took it for rent, with the excuse that they were going to do some work remodeling a house in the San Francisco neighborhood, in Pitalito, they paid five hundred thousand pesos to rent the property for four days and that three workers would arrive at night, effectively At fifteen minutes past eleven at night four more people arrived in two vehicles, a small red Corsa and in the Renault Simbol…”, explained the judicial official.

The prosecutor maintained that with the videos from the security cameras, in the sectors where Vargas Trilleras was, it was established that the perpetrators Rodríguez Sánchez, Sierra Avellaneda, Jorge Gamboa Barrera, and other people, on June 8, 2021, mobilized in The vehicles, and they verify when the victim at 12:42, leaves in his Jeep Rubicom camper, orange color, license plate RLW-440, arrives at his Addicts warehouse and pick up his girlfriend, they take the road to get to his parents’ house. parents, located on 13th street with 5E road. “During the journey, the vehicles are always recorded on video, always following the victim’s camper.”

He added that when the victim and his girlfriend arrive at the property, the woman gets out of the vehicle and enters the house and Arbey stays inside the vehicle talking on her cell phone with her son.

He specified that later the horse rider and merchant is deprived of his freedom and in his country vehicle he is transported along the Pitalito-Acevedo road. “Always with the accompaniment of the two vehicles where the perpetrators were traveling.”

The gang with the victim arrives at the El Palmar farm, where Rojas Macias is the butler, they enter, and Sierra Avellaneda demands the value of three billion pesos. “Arbey begs him that he would give him the money, but spare his life and set him free…”, said the prosecutor.

He also indicated that Sierra Avellaneda is complaining about some items that Arbey “had stolen from her,” but despite the victim’s pleas and once beaten, they murdered her with a firearm. “They caused two wounds, one on the back of the neck and another on the back.”

The prosecutor pointed out that the subjects then buried the victim in a place within the same farm, transporting the lifeless body on a horse and wrapped in a blanket. “Brayan Stiven Rojas Macías and his brother, a minor, are in charge of opening the hole where they bury the body in addition to putting layers of Lime on top.”

The investigation also allowed us to establish that two hours after the kidnapping, 2:54, Vargas Trilleras called the cell phone of the administrator of his Adictos Bossi warehouse and told him to give the $80 million that they had kept in the store to a person who was going to go. local safe. “The number used by the victim to communicate with the store employee to deliver the sum of $80 million is that of Cristián Camilo Rojas Murcia.”

No beginning of opportunity

The judicial operator maintained that a new criminal news number will be assigned against Rojas Macías, so that the criminal process can be brought forward for the crimes of aggravated extortionate kidnapping, aggravated homicide, manufacturing, possession of firearms or ammunition and use of minors. age for committing crimes.

He indicated that this process “because a decision that would put an end to the process in advance has not been preferred for all crimes.”

And Rojas Macías had managed to get the Attorney General of the Nation to benefit him in October 2022 with the principle of opportunity, which would allow the suspension of criminal action against him in exchange for his collaboration with the justice system to clarify the crime. of the horseman Vargas Trilleras.

However, as time went by, Rojas Macías refused to collaborate and the Sixth Specialized Prosecutor requested that the principle of opportunity be revoked, a request that the Attorney General accepted.

“The principle was revoked for not having fulfilled the commitment to testify as a prosecution witness,” indicated the specialized judge of knowledge.

Thus, Rojas Macías will face a new oral trial for the crimes of kidnapping for ransom, aggravated homicide, use of minors in the commission of crimes, manufacturing, trafficking and carrying a firearm.

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