Jaldo: “We are not going to give any more weight than the Government cannot give”

Jaldo: “We are not going to give any more weight than the Government cannot give”
Jaldo: “We are not going to give any more weight than the Government cannot give”

The governor Osvaldo Jaldo He referred this morning at a press conference about the negotiations that the Executive is carrying out with the representatives of the unions that represent state workers for a salary increase and was blunt: “We are not going to give one more weight than the provincial government cannot give,” he assured.

The fair thing

He justified his statements by arguing: “Negotiation is valid, which the (union) secretaries propose, but it is also logical to listen to the government’s possibilities and how far it goes to be able to give an increase.”

Jaldo understood that joint ventures are a moment of supply and demand. “You have to agree on the amounts and concepts as to whether it is a fixed sum, a percentage, whether it is included in the basic (salary), but above all things public employees They know – because I told them in every meeting we had at the closing of joint negotiations – that They will never be the adjustment variable in Tucumán“but also “they must know that the stability “It has great importance in the province” since “today salaries must be paid in a timely manner on the 8th or 9th of each month and we comply,” he reasoned.


But he also made it clear in the midst of salary negotiations for an increase because of his insistence that the Bases law and the Fiscal Agreement be approved in Congress.

“Why do you think this Governor is working and supporting so that the Fiscal Agreement is approved in Congress?” He asked himself: “So that Tucumán has more resources that we don’t have today.”

In that sense, he stressed that his government was responsible for paying the teaching incentive to the teachers that the Nation did not send more, as well as the compensation fund for transportation “that the businessmen and 650 thousand users did not lose” and we are also doing a great effort so that there is no shortage of medicines in the health system,” he exemplified.

No need to get angry

When asked about the rejection of the Front of Teachers’ Unions and the torchlight march that the ATEP union will carry out on Friday as a form of proposal, he was blunt: “Just because there is a request and a first offer, that does not mean that they have to be get angry or upset or take any type of action that disturbs the parity.

“This is the art of proposing and listening. ATEP will march on Friday, it is within its right but we We are not going to give a weight more than we cannot givebecause if today they march for a salary increase and we give more and tomorrow they will march because they do not receive the salary and we are not going to allow it,” Jaldo made it clear.

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