During the hours of this morning, a massive operation was carried out in Cerro Chuño de Arica, called Tren del Norte IV, whose objective is to dismantle the new factions of the transnational criminal gangs Los Gallegos, Tren del Coro, as well as other organized crime networks.

Preliminarily, the Investigative Police (PDI) reported that there were 250 officials from various regions of the country, who entered 37 buildings of light material, in an attempt to identify those people related to drug trafficking, migrants, homicides and other crimes.

It is important to note that the Tren del Norte IV operation is carried out in the middle of the first Oral Trial in Chile linked to transnational organized crime: that of Los Gallegos, and arises as a response to the criminal phenomenon registered in the country in recent years.

Furthermore, with the aim of dismantling the new reorganization structures of Los Gallegos, and other criminal networks, the National Prosecutor, Ángel Valencia, together with his counterparts in the regions, decided to carry out simultaneous raids in six prisons in the country.

News in development that will be updated as soon as more information is available.


A background to take into account is that during this week, the mayor of Arica, Gerardo Espíndola, called on the Government to eradicate Cerro Chuño.

“We must act with all measures to combat all types of crimes and, especially, combat criminal gangs in our city.”

The communal chief expressed his concern about the close relationship that organized crime has had with the Cerro Chuño sector for more than three years, when international gangs began to take over the area.

For this reason, he indicated that the area requires concrete measures starting with the appointment of a special delegate, as occurs in catastrophe situations. This would allow actions to be expedited to eradicate once and for all a sector stained by pollution and, today, by organized crime.

“When there are firearms one can immediately presume the presence of organized crime in our city, which is a tough fight that we have fought from the city and that we have managed to reduce the number of homicides in Arica. But when situations like these occur, they once again put us on alert of the presence of organized crime in our city,” he stated.

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