The director of the HSJB submitted his resignation

The director of the HSJB submitted his resignation
The director of the HSJB submitted his resignation

May 15, 2024 – 20:27

Today, accountant Miguel Mosquera made his resignation available to the province’s minister, Lucas Zampieri, which did not reveal the reasons for this decision but rather it would have been a “style note.”

Based on this measure by Mosquera, tomorrow Zampieri will meet with him to decide on his continuity in the establishment.

The situation of HSJB, the epicenter

A few days ago, seven surgeons resigned from the San Juan Bautista Hospital. They denounced persecution by the authorities, the last chapter of which was the summons for the protest carried out days before by the doctors, who asked for salary equalization and who had been deprived of a previously agreed extra.

Last Friday, doctor Alfredo Zuliani said on Radio Ancasti that “health in Catamarca is managed by accountants, not by doctors” and that these were not the most suitable to occupy places such as the Ministry of Health, the management of the San Juan Bautista Hospital and OSEP.

In this context, doctors claim to feel “dejected and tired” due to the economic struggle.

The surgeons who presented their resignation to the Headquarters this Monday are: Dr. Fernando Darío Lestussi (Head of the Surgery Service); Dr. Pedro Medina Vazquet (Head of Orthopedics and Traumatology Service); Dr. Juan C. Ferreyra (Urologist); Dr. Santiago Ravetti (Head of Oncological Surgery Service); Dr. Miguel Sanna (Neurosurgery Specialist); Dr. Ramón Héctor Leiva (Head of Surgical Department) and Dr. Dante Romero (Head of Plastic and Maxillofacial Surgery Service).

Doctor Mosquera spoke with Radio El Ancasti stating that “the main shortcoming” is the number of beds available at the San Juan Bautista Hospital.

“The note they presented is purely salary. It is being paid normally in accordance with current regulations. But well, there is always some type of conflict within the salary part due to the complexity or criticism that the professional may be,” he said about it on the program Mañana es hoy on Radio Ancasti.


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