Karin Herrero reveals in Match how she acts on first dates: “I always try to make it a sitcom sketch” | LOS40

Karin Herrero reveals in Match how she acts on first dates: “I always try to make it a sitcom sketch” | LOS40
Karin Herrero reveals in Match how she acts on first dates: “I always try to make it a sitcom sketch” | LOS40

Like every Thursday, Andreu Casanova presents a new episode of matchthe podcast in which the guests speak openly about love, relationships, dating anecdotes and all their secrets when it comes to flirting. Jedet She was the last guest on the program and, among other topics, she talked about what her perfect first date would be like and what it’s like to flirt with other celebrities and, this week Karin Herrero has taken over, being the last protagonist of the last episode of this season.

The most viral announcer and reporter in LOS40 has revealed Andrew if you’ve ever done a ‘sinpa’, who should pay on a first date, the truth behind their TikTok videos, how to act on a date, the foot fetish and many more topics.

Who should pay for a first date?

“When I was a teenager, I did like to pay myself. But now, 2024, in this era, it’s like it’s not even well seen, so I save it. Because it’s like ‘oh, how heterobasic paying on the first date’ So I save it, I say ‘it’s very modern.’ You are more likely to get hit on Twitter for paying than for half paying. “So you have to live avoiding the funada, it’s my philosophy of life.”

The truth behind his interviews on TikTok

“It’s the big question. Everyone asks me the same thing, they ask me about the statistics behind those videos. I have never said it publicly. My cameras are witnesses. Maybe 10 percent of those interviewed are right, it’s That is to say, what we teach is practically reality. What happens is that, obviously, it makes no sense to put that 10 percent correctness because it does not contribute and since you make a one-minute montage that is fun and viral, that is the idea. Yes. You have a checkered shirt, glasses and a folder under your arm, I don’t usually go after you, but sometimes it surprises me. I have been told that the Picos de Europa are in the Himalayas, okay don’t put them in the north. from Spain, but put them in Europe. I admit, Andreu, that I am a dog, so as soon as people start to doubt, I say, ‘Come on, yes, you know,’ and then, maybe I’ll tell them. I give the lexeme and I tell them ‘Capital of Morocco? Bar…. Bar…. Barce…’, ‘Barcelona’ I already have the viral and I’m already running and without looking back.”

How to act on a date?

“Always on a date it is important that there is a show. I have the typical quote of ‘And what have you studied? And do you have siblings?’, ugh it makes me very lazy, both to receive that and to broadcast that. So I always try to make a date Let it be a sitcom sketch, let it be fun, let it be entertaining. So, I usually take my interview questions, I usually take my games, I don’t suddenly bring out some Chinese balls, not those types of games, but I do. I like to bring a little sauce and I ask them these questions, not only for the show, but because for me it is an important scale when it comes to knowing whether ‘match’ or ‘next’ Because if a girl doesn’t know how to tell me which one it is. the capital of Ireland, maybe we are already in an automatic ‘next’. For me, general culture and intelligence are like mandatory things.

“On my dates I always try to make them very visual and very cinematic. And for me on a first date, I will tell you that I have a recurring place, it is a viewpoint in Casa de Campo, natural, that I discovered a long time ago, with some views of the city that are amazing and I like to buy a pizza, put it on the motorcycle and take the first date there to the viewpoint and watch the skyline, the sunset, eating pizza, with the speaker and music. I like that. “When you have a movie date, it’s not just that you gain the person’s opinion, which is important; in addition, when that person tells their friends, they reinforce that they are on the right path and that you are a good match.” .

The dating apps

“At that time I was obsessed with mature women. So when I was 20 years old I had the age range of these applications set at 40-45, ‘milfs’, and I was ‘full’ with mothers ‘around the world’.”

“Honestly, I perceived them, not only in the collective imagination that we all have of an experienced ‘MILF’, which is real and for me it was true, normally women of that age were very forward, they did not have any type of complex not even ashamed – I have come to find much more complex and insecure in 20-year-old girls with normative and apparently perfect bodies, than in 40-year-old girls with the typical, inevitable and logical flaws of age. And for me, what turns me on. “Truth in a girl is self-confidence, and she found that in that interval.”

Open relationship, yes or no?

“I’m going to be very honest with you, if I open a relationship it is because I am already in the terminal phase of the relationship and I want to experience what lasts and end it. If I am truly in love I would never have an open relationship. I think that “An open relationship is not a relationship, it has another name, it is another move, but for me it is not a relationship.”

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