Pullaro rejected budgetary discrimination against universities

Governor Maximiliano Pullaro expressed his annoyance at the fact that the national government has left aside the bulk of the country’s public universities when agreeing with the UBA on a 270% recomposition of operating expenses.

“It really bothered me, because the attitude that the national, centralist, unitary and central Buenos Aires government takes once again, in the face of a genuine claim that has to do with public education in the Argentine Republic. Just a few days ago, students, teachers , non-teachers and the entire society came out to demand the resources that the University needs to remain in operation, and the national government clearly listened to the University of Buenos Aires,” said the president, in his speech during the launch event of the Prosumers Program. 4.0.

Pullaro clarified that “it doesn’t seem bad to us” that this level of recomposition is granted to the UBA, “but the other universities, like those in our province, were given 105%. And that is not fair for those of us who live in the interior, we produce and we strive to sustain this federal system.

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The governor expressed that, “with great humility, without the intention of arguing or fighting, we demand what belongs to us, and we say ‘we have rights too’, and not only those who live in the kilometer around the Casa Rosada.”

After the event, in journalistic statements, he insisted that “the same thing always happens, the AMBA is prioritized, and it seems that in the interior we are second-class citizens. And that really hurts, because the problems that the UBA has are also had by the UNR, the University of Rafaela, the UNL…”.

At this point, the president revealed that as soon as he learned of the news he sought to communicate with officials of the national government, starting with the Minister of Economy, Luis Caputo, although he was unable to do so. He did get a response from the Minister of the Interior, Guillermo Francos, who “raised the concern, and I hope this can be changed,” he concluded.

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“It is not resolved”

This Wednesday, the UBA ended the budget emergency after the national government committed to providing a 270% update for operating expenses and 300% for hospitals.

Vice-rector Emiliano Yacobitti, in addition to denying that the measure was linked to support for the vote on the Bases law in the Senate, clarified that with this the problem “is not completely resolved” because the salaries of the employees still need to be addressed. teachers. Meanwhile, he avoided arguing with the rest of the study houses, which expressed their discomfort at the discrimination through a strong statement through the Interuniversity Council (CIN).

Through a strong document, the CIN demanded that the authorities be transferred the same level of resources as those agreed to the UBA: “It is inadmissible and provocative that the budget update is recognized only for one university and not for the entire system which brings together a group of 60 universities throughout the country. We will not accept that there are first-class and second-class students.

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In radio statements, the radical leader admitted that “it is provocative to increase only the UBA” and stressed that the Buenos Aires house of higher education “did not commit to stop demanding, from any point of view.”

“I do not define it as an arrangement with the UBA. The Government recognized the increase that the UBA and the rest of the universities had been demanding in the order of 270% due to inflation for operating expenses, necessary to keep the buildings open and the minimum guards. Does it mean that the conflict is over? No,” said the vice chancellor.

“In reality, the entire problem has not been resolved. It remains to resolve 90% of the budget, that of salaries. A university cannot function just by turning the light on and off, it needs the classrooms to be full of teachers, to live off their work and That’s what we are in. It did happen that what was discussed, which was a cut, did exist. The Government said ‘it is 270% and we are going to remedy it’.

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The thing is that the amounts they committed to from Balcarce 50 are not to cover salary expenses. “It is a necessary condition to function, not sufficient,” he explained on Radio Miter.

However, he noted that “the Government listened” and that this will help to have a floor for the agreements that the other study houses can weave, on a war footing now that they were not recognized. “Although it is a claim that must also be resolved for the rest of the universities, it puts a floor for them. That is progress too,” commented Yacobitti.

Later, on Radio Futuröck, the radical leader denied having “cut himself off” in the negotiations with the Ministry of Education, which has an Undersecretariat for University Policies and depends on the Ministry of Human Capital. “The claim had started at the UBA. Sometimes the UBA has, for many reasons, more visibility,” he indicated.

He even said that the Government will not find a return if it intends to act under the logic of “divide and rule” between the universities, although he once again highlighted this issue of settling the issue with the UBA as a parameter for the others as well. “If not, the claim will continue,” she promised.

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