tips to avoid future headaches with the AFIP

tips to avoid future headaches with the AFIP
tips to avoid future headaches with the AFIP

Filling your pockets with bills is not recommended for any consumer. Inflation In many cases, it forces you to use cash to obtain a discount for purchasing with cash. However, the use of technology has made it possible for citizens to operate through virtual wallets, a little for convenience and a little for security.

The money can be deposited virtually and, with the cell phone, any citizen can pay for everyday purchases, go out for recreation, use a means of passenger transportation, or simply send or receive money.

However, in this type of transactions, users must take into account a series of issues to avoid future headaches with the treasury and that the Federal Administration of Public Revenue (AFIP) itself notifies them for any operation that they consider unusual. , taking into account several situations, including patrimonial capacity.

Virtual wallets: suggestions to keep in mind

-Any transfer made with virtual wallets that exceeds $400,000 will be reported to the AFIP by the management company of that system. With these data, the collecting agency will be able to verify the taxpayer’s tax situation.

-Any user will have to demonstrate to the treasury the origin of the resources used in each operation. This has to do with corroboration that this money comes from a legal activity.

-At the end of each month, balances that reach $200,000 will not be reported to the AFIP. Likewise, users will be able to record income and expenses in amounts that do not exceed $120,000 without having to report it to the federal agency.

-If the AFIP detects irregularities and notifies the taxpayer, that person will have the obligation to present pay stubs, invoices or other relevant receipts to clarify the situation.

-Communication from the collecting entity will be made by email registered as the electronic tax address or through the same application used for transactions.

– If the taxpayer cannot justify the operation (they may be monotributistas or registered taxpayers), the agency could apply fines or recategorizations.

-In the event that a bank retains the money, but the transfer was declared (purchase or sale of an item), upon presenting the requested documentation, that entity should give access to the withheld amount again.

-If the taxpayer or user of a virtual wallet does not comply with the established conditions, the AFIP will have the power to order the closure of the account of the person carrying out operations and generate a Suspicious Operation Report (ROS).

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