video of mother thwarting robbery with a kick

video of mother thwarting robbery with a kick
video of mother thwarting robbery with a kick

A mother managed to prevent her son from being stolen by a criminal with a flying kick at the door of his house in Santa Marta.

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The woman’s heroic reaction was recorded on a security camera at the residence, when the man was arriving with a bag and was approached by the thief.

In the recording, you can see how the robber, in broad daylight, approaches his victim and forcefully tries to steal the bag he was carrying on his shoulders. The man tries to struggle to avoid the robbery.

The attempted robbery took place before the helpless gaze of two older adults who were also on the terrace of the house.

From one moment to the next, a woman who would be the mother and, in a risky and brave way, launches herself with a flying kick towards the robber, who He falls against a vehicle and ends up fleeing without being able to carry out the crime.

Internet users’ reaction

The video of the reaction of the affected person’s mother has gone viral on social networks, where people praise her for exposing her integrity physical to save your child.

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“In this action it is demonstrated that mothers give their lives for their children”; “This lady is brave”, “God bless the mothers who expose themselves to take care of their children” were some of the comments read on social networks, where the video from the security camera was published.

Roger Urieles
For EL TIEMPO Santa Marta
In X: @rogeruv

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