National playwriting competition : : Mirador Provincial : : Santa Fe News

National playwriting competition : : Mirador Provincial : : Santa Fe News
National playwriting competition : : Mirador Provincial : : Santa Fe News

Within the framework of the tenth call for the Norberto Campos Municipal Comedy Program, the Secretariat of Culture and Education of Rosario, through the La Comedia Municipal Theater, launches a national playwriting contest about the Fontanarrosa Universe. Applications must be made through a digital form available on the theater’s website and will be accepted until June 30, 2024.

The winning work, which must be unpublished and unpremiered, will be announced starting July 15, 2024 at and at The author of the winning text, who must be of legal age and have been born in Argentina or have resided in the country for five years, will receive a prize of ,000,000.

The call is framed in the 80th anniversary of the birth of Roberto Fontanarrosa, so the texts presented must be adaptations or be inspired by the poetics, imagination or biography of the graphic humorist. The works must be represented by a maximum of six actors and a maximum of two characters per actor and have intellectual property registration in Argentores.

The jury will evaluate the works considering the creativity, artistic, narrative and conceptual quality of the project. It will be made up of three relevant cultural personalities and two representatives of the Ministry of Culture and Education.

The playwriting contest is the first stage of the 2024 Call for the Norberto Campos Municipal Comedy Program that will continue throughout the year with a theatrical project contest (from July 15 to August 15), auditions for actors and actresses ( during the month of September), rehearsals (from September to November) and performances (between November 2024 and March 2025). The winning works will be performed in various scenic spaces in the city such as the La Comedia de Rosario Theater, the District Municipal Centers, among others.

“It is always pleasant to be able to announce the launch of a program that proposes, for a certain period, to sustain a stable municipal cast. A career path in this framework provides an unusual experience within the performing arts of Rosario and opens the possibility of building a work that can then circulate throughout the city and beyond as well. Furthermore, the characteristics of the ordinance that support the program give it a dynamic that means that the staff and also the theme are renewed each time, opening up possibilities for new artists year after year,” explained Federico Valentini, Secretary of Culture and Municipal education.

And he added: “This 2024, the joy of the announcement is double because the chosen theme is the Fontanarrosa Universe. Adhering to the tributes that the city proposes to celebrate the legacy of Roberto Fontanarrosa, with the ideal of celebrating the day he would turn 80, November 26. “

In relation to this new edition of the Municipal Comedy Program of the Norberto Campos Theater that pays tribute to the endearing comedian from Rosario, Valentini commented: “Today we open the first instance of this process -in its tenth edition-, with a public and national competition for unpublished dramaturgy , where we propose a free approach to the universe, the poetics and why not the biography of Fontanarrosa, where the applicants can go beyond the limits of the texts of the Rosario author.

And he concluded: “I read that when Roberto Fontanarrosa was asked why he was not going to see theater inspired by his texts, he argued: ‘I don’t see works based on my texts because I know the endings.’ We hope that, in this unpublished playwriting contest, works inspired by the Fontanarrosa Universe will appear, with endings that would have surprised Negro himself.”

Estimated schedule

Open Playwriting Competition

a) Opening of the Playwriting Contest: May 14, 2024.
b) Submission of texts to the Playwriting Contest: from May 14 to June 30, 2024.
c) Jury Deliberation: from July 3 to 13, 2024.
d) Publication of the winner of the Playwriting Contest: starting July 15, 2024.

Theatrical Project Open Competition

a) Publication of the final text and call for registration for the Theater Project: from July 15 to August 15, 2024.
b) Jury deliberation period: August 16 to 23, 2024.
c) Publication of results: starting August 26, 2024.
d) Rework stage of the Theater Project between the selected director and the production team of Teatro La Comedia: from August 26 until the start of rehearsals.

Open auditions for actors and actresses

a) Call for Open Auditions of actors and actresses: from September 9 to 13, 2024.
b) Conducting the Open Auditions: September 18, 19 and 20, 2024.
c) Publication of results of the call for Open Auditions: starting September 23, 2024.


a) Duration of the rehearsals: from September 25 to November 25, 2024. Hours: up to thirty (30) hours per week, on days and times to be defined.


a) Probable premiere of the Theater Project: November 26, 2024.
b) Performance Period: November 26 to March 25, 2024. Teatro La Comedia: November 26 to December 15, 2024 (13 performances). Other spaces: January 27 to March 25, 2025.


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